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Oct 31, 2010

Time of the Semester

It's the time of the semester again. Felt like I just started the semester but it's actually about to end. Time for the hardcore studying and no-fun days. Weeks to be exact.  No going out, no more drama series, no more slacking and no more procrastinating (HAHA! which is what i'm doing right now, writing this blogpost). But I promise I'll start after this. PROMISE!

Feel like a trapped butterfly in a cage just waiting to be set free.

 Can't wait till the 22nd of November, to be finally FREE for the rest of the year! So jealous that most of my friends are finishing their exams like a week or two before mine! Wished mine started earlier so I can just be over and done with it! argh, hate that mine's stretched so late, makes me feel so unmotivated to study!

 I've got so many holiday plans planned for the summer, and I CAN"T WAIT for it! Excited to the max! Free to fly like a butterfly, all the way to Gold Coast (if the plan works out), to Mr.Navigator's birthday, to Singapore, to Bali (BEACH!!!), to KL, to Sipadan (DIVING!!!), to Singapore/KL, to CNY in both S'pore and KL, to Singapore again and back to Melbourne.
 Seriously can't wait to roam around with no worries (at least till the results day), no burden, no class. Being able to wake up anytime of the day I want, relaxing by the beach with the awesome families, shopping and 'yamcha' session with friends (BEEN SO LONG!), to mahjong and band hero sessions again during CNY.


 Now, it's back to the books I go. Though I hate it, but I know that...

I apologize in advance for I'll be on hiatus for awhile.

Till then,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! Wished I had a reason to dress up too...

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