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Oct 12, 2010

Grampians: The Pinnacles & Mckenzie Falls

Next stop after Ballarat is Grampians. Mr.Navigator and I traveled by train from Ballarat to Ararat and bus-ed from Ararat to Halls Gap. Took a shuttle bus to our accommodation - Tim's Place (will blog about that place in the next post or 2). 

One thing all tourists should know about Halls Gap, IT'S A TOURIST RIP OFF PLACE!!! All grocery items there's like double the price in Melbourne city itself. But then again, when you're there and you need food, what are you gonna do about it right? Just something you guys should know, if you're planning to travel there, try bringing some food beforehand and only buy something that you really need. :)   

After settling down in Tim's Place, we headed out to the Pinnacles right away. We had to pass through a camping site, cross a bridge and go through 2 gates. From there, it's following the signs. But sadly, due to the rain a few days ago, there was a landslide and they had to close off the pathway leading to the Grampians =.=' Had to backtrack to the Information Centre in the town area and ask for alternative routes. We were told that the only way up was to drive up to the Wonderland Carpark and trek from there, but unfortunately, WE DIDN'T RENT A CAR!!!! However, we were really lucky to bump into a couple travelling from Adelaide - Shell & James (they're musicians and were on their tour! How cool's that?!) Anyway, they offered us a ride up to the Carpark and trekked up to the Pinnacles together.

From left: Me, Mr.Navigator, Shell and James.

The view from Wonderland Carpark.

Halfway up to the pinnacles.

Stopped along the way to snap some of these fantastic views.

It's amazing how Mother Nature had all these 'steps' made for us to trek  as well as some man made trek aids.

This reminded me of the Three Sister in Blue Mountains, Sydney. I called this The 3 Brothers. Lol lame 

2 remarkable rocks like the ones I saw in Limestone Coast.

It was starting of Spring when we went there, wildflowers were starting to bloom like the one in the picture.

Oh, and our trek was accompanied by these 2 crawlies. There were sooo many of them along the way. The 'mou mou' (furry caterpillar) was pretty scary as they'll give you rashes if your touch them, so I was pretty scared that 1 might accidentally drop on me. Haha!

There was this lil cave-like area called the Cool Chamber. And believe it or not, it WAS cool when you step into it.

Of course, a trip will not be fun without some camwhoring session.

Refreshing at the Bride's Veil.

More camwhoring sessions.

After 2-3 hours of hardwork, we finally made it to the pinnacles! What a satisfaction I tell you. Just WOAH!!!And notice my shirt it says " I'm addicted. Take me high". Haha! How can I resist?
Again, we did some dangerous things just for awesome pictures of us to be taken. Seriously no joke! One slip and I'm dead. But I just had to, you know. LOL!

Pretty amazing shots huh! We were SO high up!! Hehe.

I'm hiked with my faithful pair of black converse. My oldest and longest pair of shoes! I used to change a pair every year till I found Converse. LOL!! 

After climbing back down from the Pinnacles, Shell and James were kind enough to let us ride with them to Mckenzie Falls, known to be a massive waterfall.

Side profile of Mckenzie's Fall.

Some camwhoring session as well.. Hehe

Notice that there are more pictures of Mr.Navigator than me? He's such a BIG camwhorer when up in the mountains! 

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