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Oct 19, 2010

Hello Sandra

KoolSandra came down to Melbourne for 6 days last week, and as a welcoming present, Maekhoo and I baked her a Hello Kitty belated birthday cake. It was my first time customizing a cake and I must say, it was pressuring yet pretty fun at the same time.

First step to this cake, bake a light butter cake and let it cool. Then customize it to the shape you want. As for me, it was the face of a Hello Kitty. 

Looks more like a face of a bear than a Hello Kitty, LOL!

Next, either beat double whipping cream or get those 'Ready Dollop-on Cream'. For her ribbon and nose, I mixed rose pink colouring into a small mixture of icing cream.

Coat a layer of cream all around the cake.
Making sure the sides are nicely coated as well..

Next, the eyes, we underestimated the size of our chocolate chip so we had to settle with 4 per eye, as though Hello Kitty's eyes were sparkling. Lol..

With the coloured icing, I had to make sure my hand was steady while I drew her ribbon.

Lastly, by using Nutella, I drew her whiskers...

And walah~~~ Hello Kitty cake..

Happy Belated Birthday KoolSandra!!! Your favourite disturbing cat 

Ok, it looks a little retarded, but hey, IT's MY FIRST TIME! 
If it wasn't for the ribbon, it wouldn't look anything like Hello Kitty... hahahaha
What shape should I try next?

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