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Aug 5, 2009

Birthday Pastlights...

This post is a lil late. Ok, not a lil but VERY late. Been too lazy to blog till today. (tsk tsk Soyan)

Just when you think turning into the big 2-0 is bad, stop and think again...

For my big 2-0, (yes, I'm 20; sad yet happy =.=') I've celebrated countless times!!! (ok, not countless times, but 5 to 6 times) Even when it's way passed by birthday like the last week of August!!! Not all of them have birthday cakes, 1 of them is not exactly a cake, but still FUN! Thanks alot friends!!!
Appriate it!!! :)

My first celebration was of coz on my actual birth day.
With my dear parents at Chillies!!! Yum~~~

This was my 'cake'
The AWESOME chocolate molt cake with ice-cream and caramel sauce!!!
Dad had his Presidente Margarita which I find it nice but a lil too sour >.<
While waiting for food and my parents were enjoying their margarita, this is what I was up to...
Mom and Dad shared a Mushroom Burger.
I had some chicky, beef and shrimp thingy which I was suppose to wrap them in a I can't remember what bread it is...
(I thought it comes just the meat, and poof, when it was served, the bread came after the meat =.=')
But it was still delicious!!!
Tada... This is how I'm suppose to eat. Felt like a jackoon then.
I love this appetizer because of the Salsa Sauce. It's sooo delicious!!!
Didn't really like their nachos though.
This totally sums up the awesome birthday meal!!! :)
Next celebration was right after my last paper. (Yes, I had my finals before, during, after and worst, ON my birthday!) Sad? i know!

This was an awesome celebration too as I got to celebrate with almost all of my classmates.
Last semester, last day of exams means the last day of college,
which also means the last day to hang out as classmates!!! :(
We went to Redbox to celebrate. This was actually a surprise celebration.
It was supposed to be only singing and hanging out.
Towards the end, Poof!!!~~~
My girls came in with a candle lighted fruit cake.

Nice isn't it?!
This was specially and carefully picked out for me as it has a really thick layer of CREAM!!!
My favourite!!!
Just have to take 1 picture with it!!!
I also had another surprised birthday with a friend of mine who shares the same birthday as me.
Can't call him a twin like everyones else as he's like what, 3 years older?
Anyway, I was holidaying in Sabah with my bunch of classmates then.
Dinnering at Little Italy on the 19th of August.
A famous italian restaurant in Kota Kinabalu town.

This is a funny story. (well, to me anyway)
This waiter came out with this HUGE round cake singing happy birthday.
The both of us, thinking it's someone else in the restaurant celebrating their birthday,
the both of us started singing out loud as well, and my other friends followed along.
The both of us being blind to the surprised, were looking all around the restaurant, wondering who's birthday it was. And the waiter suddenly turned to our table and placed the cake on our table.
Both in shocked =.='
everyone laughing and clapping hands started asking us to make our wishes and blow the candle.
The end.

Another awesome cake with uber uber thick layer of cream compared to the fruit cake.
This is another fruit cake. But not just any fruit cake.
The the king of fruit fruit cake.
Made by En's uncle. (if i'm not mistaken)
As you cut this cake, you can see that the layer of 'cream' in between the sponge is actually fresh durian flesh and not those processed durian cream.
The other Leo.
As for the chinese (I think),
everytime there's a cake, and right after the 'star' blows the candle,
friends will then push the candles deeper into the cake and expects the 'star' to bite the candle out.
And just as the 'star' bites the candle, friends will then push the 'star's' face into the cake.
You know the ending to my point.

Well, I did that to my 1st Fruit cake.
So now it's the other leo's turn.
The sad case was, it's Durian!!!
He'll have to tahan the smell all over his face till we reach home.

There were a few other celebrations in between my 2nd and Sabah's celebration.

My last happy birthday was wished during my dinner with Mr. Driver, Mr. Z the Zapper Rapper and the Low Brothers at Chillies again!!! :)

This is thanks to Mr. Driver for his planning :)
Look at him, happy feller with is not-so-happy steak.
Mr. Z the Zapper Rapper chewing his chips.
Low Brother 1 doesn't look happy with his burger...
Wonder why?
Low Brother 2 looks uber happy though.
I was happily taking other people's pictures, and once i was done, i started eating, forgetting to take my own dish's picture.
Haha, silly me...

Oh wait, just remembered, I had a pre-birthday dinner and also to celebrate an old yet forever young Leo - My Dad, with my neighbour's family.
(My most expensive birthday dinner ever!!!)
Now you see why I asked to stop and think again?
Now you see why I said turning into the big 2-0 is not so bad?
It was totally A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

Thanks you guys!!!

P.s: although I'm officially 20 now, but I still feel 19!!!!

Forever 19 baby!!! :)

Aug 4, 2009

Talk about bad luck =.='

Woke up pretty early today. Class was at 930am, was ready by 9am.

Today, I've experienced one of those days when you have total bad luck.
Like nothing works out, or something bad happens to you.
Well, yeah, today was that.

When I was about to get out of the house, the top of my gate key broke the night before and i forgot to fix it. So, with everyone else out of the house before me, I couldn't let myself out of the house. Tried to fix it and all but still couldn't. Tried to look for a spare key, realised that my sis was using the spare key. =.='

Around 925am only I thought of using my back door. Locked the door, the gate and pad-locked it. Climbed over the wall and down I go (staying on the 1st floor) to my car. Drove off to college, was over half an hour late. (Even when my key was working.)

Was suppose to go out with Mr. Drum Hero and Mr. Navigator, but had something important at home that i had to attend to before meeting them. Went home, when I was unlocking the back gate and pad-lock, then did i notice that I didn't have the key to open the door!!!!! !@#$%^

Tried to use the key to open the main gate, then did I noticed I didn't have the keys to open the rest of the locks!!!! !@#$% (again!) Mr.Navigator called, had to cancel. So sorry. And called my Dad to come rescue me, and he was in KL!!!

While waiting for my Dad, tried to look for things that can help me open the kitchen window so that I can unlock the door from the inside. Failed of course. But, I did managed to unlock the main gate with the back gate key. Was trilled, tried to unlock the pad lock, didn't work =.=' So i tried using cards to unlock the main door so that I can reach for my actual keys. Failed of course, with my card dented and scratched.

So then I sat at the main gate waiting for my Dad while off and on trying to unlock the main door.
1 hour later, Dad arrived back and passed me the keys and released me from this insanity sitting at the main entrance, sweating like a roasted pork!!!

And this isn't the 1st time being locked out of the house, but it was my 1st time being locked inside my house...
Talk about bad luck =.=' !@#$%^&*

Aug 2, 2009

Birthday Dinner...

A suppose to be only family dinner to celebrate 2 Leos' birthdays.
Went to this seafood restaurant in Selayang - Bei Hai Restaurant.

This restaurant doesn't provide the seafood though. They only serve meat and vegetables.
If you want to eat seafood, you have to order from this seafood warehouse like shop lot and the restaurant will cook them for you. Super fresh seafood and super expensive too!!!

The Seafood Warehouse.

Every time i go to this place, this would be our 1st dish. Disgusting to me, delicious to others.

Super Fresh, Super Huge, Super Disgusting!!!!Second dish, MY FAVOURITE!!!

Super Fresh Steamed PRAWNS!!!! 3rd, another disgusting dish to me. Delicious dish to the other Leo.

Super Fresh Cockerels.4th, Grouper.

It's huge but it wasn't as nice as i expected it to be. But the rest of the party said it was great.
5th, Japanese Snails.


And for the payer's finale...

This is just for the seafood...Not so bad turning into the big 2 0 huh.... hahaha...