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Jun 30, 2010

I'm free! I'm free! I'm a free willy!!!

Finally finished my exams today!!! I'm officially done with Semester 1...
Time to relax for the next 3 weeks before the hectic starts again...

For now, I can smile like this
Jump like this all day and night...
Hyper side ways too...
And how bout tossing in a backflip as well!!! :D

I'll do all that with a big smile till the day my results come out... hehehe

Jun 17, 2010

White Tomato

Last Friday after my Entrepreneurship paper, I went for a little shopping spree with Maekhoo at DFO South Warth. That factory outlet looks so huge from the outside but there weren't much to see inside. They're having End Of Financial Year Sales now, so the sales are said to be really good. Compared to the last time I went to DFO with my sister, it was better but then again, it wasn't much. I did buy a few things that were pretty cheap though :D

While we were walking towards the tram stop, it was really really cold that night and the both of us suddenly had the urge to eat something spicy/hot/korean. And we immediately thought of 'White Tomato', a sort of popular korean restaurant along Russell Street-Bourke Street. I think they're busier at night than in the day time. The 1st time we ate there was lunch time and we were like the only ones eating apart from another table of 5. But this time round, there was a queue outside the restaurant and thank GOD we didn't have to wait long for a table because it was freeeeeezing cold outside!!!

When we stepped into the restaurant, we immediately smelt like we're at a BBQ party. Everyone in the restaurant were having korean hotplate.

Here's what we had for dinner that night.

Usually in Korean restaurants, they'll serve little korean salads and dishes which we're able to refill as much as we want. And we did the 1st time we were there, but that night, we had to pay $1 for each refill. Sigh... That was a little disappointment. Probably due to the line of customers still waiting to be seated.

I had the KimChi Soup with Rice (about $13) and Maekhoo had the Spicy Beef Soup with rice (about $15). Which is not bad because the portion's quite filling. It filled my tummy just nice, which means it's enough for big eaters like me. But bigger eaters than me, you'd probably need to go with someone who eats very little so you can 'sapu' they're share to fill your tummy :D

Jun 2, 2010


Went for sushi dinner with Maekhoo in the city last night because she passed all her exams. So it was her treat :D Thank you!!! hehehe...

She found this Japanese restaurant in Melbourne Central called Tomodachi. Every Tuesdays, each plate of sushi will only cost $3.50. And this restaurant was said to have the largest variety of sushi in Melbourne, but to us, it couldn't even beat the varieties that Sushi King in Malaysia had!! Not even halfway.. They had sooo few varieties that after awhile, we kind of got bored and didn't know what else to eat. The only 'plus point' to it is that the ingredients used were really really fresh. The sashimi was good...

These were the few types of sushi we tried. There were like 5 to 6 more that didn't attract us. So yeah, you could say that their 'largest variety in Melbourne' means less than 20 types of sushi.

After dinner, while we were just strolling along the streets, we decided to stop and have some sago dessert in this Hong Kong restaurant. I think it was called 'Dessert House' or something, it's along Swanston street, opposite QV. Ordered Honeydew Sago.

And this came...
How pathetic!!! It was like ice water with a few honeydew fruit dumped into it... And the sago was over boiled! Soooo mushy and disgusting! And when almost halfway through it, we found this little black thingy inside and decided to complain. The waiter took the dish to the kitchen and back to our table and told us that according to the chef, that little black thing was not some animal but some seed because they didn't wash something (couldn't hear what the guy said) properly and got into our food and expects us to be ok with it. And we continued complaining that it was bad! Saying it just tasted like ice water, there wasn't any honeydew taste to it and we're not paying for it. The waiter then took it back again and we left. Eeewww!!!

Firstly they said it wasn't some animal. ok, this is mean but I couldn't help myself from laughing on the inside. How can an animal fall into that small bowl???!! LOL!!

Secondly, they dare to tell us that they didn't wash whatever they used properly and a seed from some other fruit got into our food. By saying that, and they expect us to continue eating. Come on! Would you?!

Overall, had a relaxing day out. Had not bad dinner (thank you again Maekhoo). Just BAD choice of place for dessert. And not even a word of apology from them! That's just bad!!!