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May 21, 2010

Queen Victoria Market & DFO South Warth

The Lee-Sisters journey continues -2nd day.

On our 2nd day touring (when I said 'our', I literally meant 'our' because I haven't been around the city much, hehe) the city of Melbourne, we ventured to Queen Victoria Market. Just above La Trobe St. in the city. You can practically get anything from this market from meat to vege to fruits to little snacks to souvenirs. And thats why my sister wanted to go there, to get souvenirs; while I just go there for the food. :D

For breakfast, Churros!!! You can find this lil spanish donuts truck store by the main road of the souvenir part of the market.
They were quite yummy. Long strips of donuts, dusted with icing sugar. Slightly crunchy on the outside but soft and spongy on the inside.
oh and this is my favourite part of the market, as we were walking, we passed by this lil candy shop called 'Suga'. I went CRAZY in this shop! They only sold 1 type of candy but in various flavours. And why I went crazy was because they were ROCK CANDIES!!! I absolutely L-O-V-E rock candies ever since I tried the ones that my teacher custom ordered for her wedding as door gifts. Sooo yummy!!! I remember packing 500 boxes (5 each in 1 box) of this candy for her wedding along with Tet Leon, Andrew and Christopher. So fun and yummy! hehe.. I couldn't stop eating the small broken bits of the candy while packing.

In this shop - Suga, I was spoiled for choice! They had sooo many different flavours to choose from and I didn't know which to pick. In the end, I ended up with a pack of Passionfruit flavoured rock candy. I was a happy girl :)
We stopped at some lil snack stalls along the way, looking for nougats.
These chocolates looked absolutely evil!!! so yummy!
There were stalls selling some savories too.. And this particular shop, I saw yummy Caramel Chocolate Fudge! I was tempted, and I gave into temptation :D
Yum Yum Yummies!!! Caramel Chocolate Fudge. So soft and chewy with rich caramel flavour!
I was a happy sugar-high girl then...
After buying all the souvenirs she needed, we walked down Swanston Street heading towards the city central, we stopped for lunch at this lil cafe. Had some delicious pastas :)

My Sis's, Primavera with Fettuccine. $13.90.
It had fresh seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, pesto, roasted pine nuts, basil & spinach cooked in a light napoli sauce. Was not bad at all.
And me, being a HUGE prawn fan (and since I'm in Aussie now, fresh prawns everywhere!!!), I ordered Gamberi with Fettuccine, $15.90
Fettuccine with fresh prawns, spring onion & chilli cooked in a creamy napoli sauce..
mmmm~~~ yum yumm~~~
And after eating, we exercised our way to DFO South Warth. We got confused a little along the way but we finally managed to find our way there... Tada...
Welcome to DFO South Warth.
It was a looooong walk!! I felt hungry once we arrived =.='

DFO = Direct Factory Outlet.
Supposedly having cheaper priced stuff from brands like Guess, Marc Jacob, Sportsgirl, Factorie, Bonds, Adidas, Nike and etc. But really, it wasn't that much cheaper.. It's cheaper but... hahaha...
I saw this converse and I really liked it! So tempted to buy!!! But it costs like $75. So yeah, having second-thoughts now :(
After hours off walking, in and out of various shops. The both of us ended up buying something from Fossil. Epic fail big time =.='

My sis bought a leather purse while for me........

TA DA~~~~
I ended up buying myself a watch....
Well, technically it's 2 watches as I bought the 'customize your watch' style from Fossil where you have to choose a watch head and a band to go with it. And the offer was 'buy a head and a band and get another band free'.
And their all genuine leather bands. Same goes for my sis's purse.

Now with these watches, I'm an above happy girl that day :D
After shopping, we headed back towards the city for dinner.

We had delicious Japanese dinner at Chocolate Buddha.
Stay tune for the next post to find out :)

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Chocoholic said...

i LOVE tat shoe!! go buy go buy~

Chocoholic said...

i LOVE tat shoe!! go buy go buy~

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hahaha... still thinking.. there's another shoe i wanna buy too...