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May 17, 2010

Melbourne U and Meat & Wine Co. - 2nd Visit

So my sis's and my journey on Friday continues...
From Brunetti along Lygon St. we journeyed via Bus No.11 (legs) to Melbourne University. Why? Simply because we heard (well, she heard is more like it) that the law faculty in Melbourne U looks a bit like Hogwarts (Harry Potter's school). And it does, a lil. Especially when you're wondering around during the evening. The gloominess of the sky gives a mysterious feeling to it...

Here are a few snapshots of the place...

I like this clock tower, it gives an old English feel. I love looking at old English buildings. Don't ask me why, I don't even know why myself.

We took a loooooong walk back towards Crowns along the Yarra River. Because our dinner reservation was only at 8.30pm, we still had like an hour plus to burn.. So we ventured into Crowns, went into the shops, had a lil snack (sushi! :D ), went up and down, left and right, all over crowns and ended up all the way the other side of Crowns. Couldn't find our way back, so we had to walk even more to make our way to the restaurant.

There was a looooong queue into the restaurant. Thank god I called and reserved a table. Even when I called, they were almost fully booked. The only time I could reserve was either 6.30pm or 8.30pm.

*note: Always make reservations if you're planning to eat in this restaurant on weekends! Always!

From the title of this post, you'd already guessed which restaurant I'm talking about. Yes, it's none other than The Meat & Wine Co. It was my 2nd time eating there, and let me tell you, their ribs are SUPERB!!! Have a look at my 1st visit..

For this visit, we ordered...

Mixed Bread Platter which had garlic bread, herb bread and bruschetta (2 slices each) - $19.
Huge slices of bread. It's crunchy and spongy at the same time and each bread's full of flavor. As you can see in the picture below, the bruchetta tastes the best! With chopped fresh tomatoes, olives and chunks of fetta cheese... mmmmm~~~
A half rack of lamb ribs for $29. Slow-cooked in BBQ sauce and finished on a flaming hot char-grill. Sealed to perfection with Meat & Wine Co's unique taste and flavour. Served with real potato chips. What I meant by real is that it's not frozen chips. I've tried this during my 1st visit, but this time, the ribs taste even more yummy compared to the last time. The last time was also very yummy though.
This time round, since we had a bigger budget to eat on, we took the opportunity to taste The Meat & Wine Co.'s super-aged meat. And we chose The Meat & Wine Co.'s Wagyu!! :D
Their Wagyu is grained-fed for up to 500 days and with a selected minimum marble score of 6+ gives the wonderful succulent, rich and juicy beef flavour that high quality Wagyu is renowned for. Look how yummy that is!!! A 500g Wagyu rump for $49 :D
For those of you who don't know what the marble score is about. Marbled meat, especially red meat, is meat that contains various amounts of 'intra-muscular fat', which gives the marble pattern on the meat, like this
So the Wagyu rump's marble score that we had should look something like the middle Wagyu Ribeye. And research has showns that the monounsaturated fats in Wagyu beef can help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. The marbling is also 1 of the reason for the unique flavour, texture and moisture of Wagyu beef. * I googled about it, didn't know what the marbling was about either :)*

We had our rump medium rare... Yum Yum Yummies~~~ :D

And for dessert, how can we not end dinner at The Meat & Wine Co. without a grand finale right... So the 'Grand Finale' it was, for dessert.. It's superb! It consists of everything on the dessert menu in 1 dish. From back (Pineapple cheesecake, pecan pie with malt ice-cream,
chocolate fondante with vanilla ice-cream and vanilla creme brulee.)
I had that the 1st time I ate there too. But this time, I added something extra. I told the waiters to add a candle on it to surprise my sis, as a belated birthday celebration.
Look at the chocolate oozing out!!! YUM!!! :D

Overall, dinner was superbly yummy!! and you want to know the best part???
Dinner was on ME!!!! :D
Well, technically it was on my dad. But it's part of my savings from my pocket money too!!!
and it was all worth it.. :D

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