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May 16, 2010

Brunetti, Lygon St.

It's been awhile since I did a food post about a specific food outlet. Kinda miss people complaining that I'm making them hungry.. Hehe..
So here goes 1 for you hungry readers! :)

My sis was working in Tasmania for bout 2 weeks and dropped by Melbourne to see me (hehe) last weekend (sadly, only a night) before heading back to Sabah. On Friday, I skipped class (mom, if you're reading, big smile :D), went to meet her at the skybus terminal, got her settled in my room, had some breakfast and planned where to head to next. Instead of her being the tourist, I was being the tourist! Instead of me showing her around, bringing her to see the city of melbourne, she was the one bringing and showing me around. I know, damn fail =.=' but hey! i don't go out much!!! Give me time!!! I'll explore at my own speed. (speed of a turtle that is :D)

Anyway, we head down to the city and walked to Lygon Street. A street flooded with F-O-O-D! And some outlets are quite reasonably priced and quite packed too!

So we stopped at this cafe called Brunetti. It was packed! A really busy cafe that serves a wide range of cake-lets, tartlets, puddings and savories to choose from. Oh and chocolates too!! And did I mention that their coffee smells good too!

Just look at them! I went crazy in that shop. Had a hard time choosing what to eat!

In the end, we ordered these!
From left-clockwise: -

-Sacher Torte: Chocolate sponge with layers of almond pieces, apricot jam, chocolate ganache and kirsh liquere, covered with in chocolate ganache.

-Brutti E Buoni: which mean 'Ugly but nice' . A flour-less hazelnut maccaroon.

-Bicchierini Chocolate & Vanilla: It's layers of vanilla mousse and chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate sprinkles.

-Amaretti: A flour-less almond maccaroon.

-Mixed Fruit Tart: A mixed fruit tart-let.

All so yummy yummy!!!
Here are some of the full cakes sold there...

Esotica - A semi freddo mousse made with a mixed berry bavarian cream, cointreau liqueur and a thin layer of vanilla mousse.
Profiterole - Profiteroles filled with zabalone cream and topped with dark chocolate ganache.
Fraicheur Des Bois - A chocolate sponge with red berry compote, vanilla & white chocolate mousse and topped with white chocolate glaze.
And these lil maccaroon towers...
Don't they all look soooooo irresistible?!?!?!
I went sugar high even before having any sugar in me!!! Lol :D

Oh and you can even pre-oder your birthday cakes and I think you can even customize your order if I'm not mistaken.

These are 2 birthday cakes that made me go wow! They were HUGE cakes!!

Look so yummy! They all taste so yummy!!

Next post - Dinner at Meat & Wine co.

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