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May 8, 2010

Me me me...

Sorry for the lack of updates...Been reeeeaaaallly busy with assignments...
Just had 2 MAJOR 30% assignments due in the same week! Therefore, I haven't had much sleep!!! arrgghhh...
Well I handed in my assignments yesterday and I felt like a HUGE rock had been lifted off me. Phew~~~ But sadly only for a few days and I have to start working on my group presentation! Sucks :'(

Anywayyy... shall not think bout that now. I shall relax~~~~ ahhhh~~~ :D
Went to watch Letter to Juliet after class yesterday.
(picture from Google)
The cinema wasn't crowded at all!! There were only 3 people including me watching this movie! Was sooo nice!! Till those 2 other girls started laughing at God knows what! Arghh!! Just can't enjoy a nice quite moment watching a simple sweet love story these days. Sigh =.='
To me, the movie was nice. Simple and sweet.

After the movie, before heading home, I decided to treat myself to some indulgence :D

Bought some chocolates... Mmm~~~
The 2 round ones are Champagne Truffles. I personally don't like it at all! It gives a really bitter after taste. I think it's because of the alcohol in it. At least, I think there was alcohol in it. Lol!
The one in the middle is Hazelnut Chocolate. This was not bad at all. A little sweet, but the it blends really well with the hazelnut taste in it.
And the Spoons!!!!

I really really L-O-V-E this white chocolate spoon!! Taste sooo heavenly!!
Oh and I bought sushi too!! Salmon and Prawn set :D
The salmon and prawns are soooooo fresh I tell you! So yummy! And there were more than what you see in the picture. Ate some before snapping a picture. Teehee :D
Ate it while watching When in Rome online.
(picture from google)
And the last treat I bought for myself were non other than creamy cakes!! Hehe :D
(Front: Tiramisu; Back: Hazelnut Slice)

It looked better when I was buying it. The cream was destroyed by the girl while she was packing it. They don't have proper boxes for sliced cakes, only if you buy a whole cake, then it'll come with a nice box. =.='

But allll these happy feeling turned into a nightmare when I saw a HUGE spider on the jap boy's (my housemate) room door!!! Jeepers Creepers!!!!

It's ok, I shall not waste my few days of paradise. Shall continue enjoying my yummy cakes and movie :D

Till the next post... :)

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