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Jul 23, 2009

Clumsy Human Of The Forest

Human of the forest. Bet you guys are wondering what's that...
well, if you translate that directly into Malay, it'll be 'Orang Hutan' or as we call them,'Orang-Utan'.

My parents just showed me pictures of their trip to the 'Cat City' aka 'Kuching', Sarawak; and i found this video of an Orang Utan eating that my dad took. Kinda hilarious.

They said that the name Orang Utan was given to this ape because it looks almost like a human being just that it doesn't talk. It has hands and feets like humans; 4 fingers and an opposable thumb, feet has 4 long toes and an opposable big toe. Just like a human. And I've read somewhere on the Internet that 58% of Orang Utans fall off trees caused by clumsiness.

So my thought was, if Orang Utans are almost like a human being, and their really clumsy. Then that explains why humans are really clumsy as well. Hahahaha...
(or is it the other way round??? =.=')

Anyhow, here's the video. Hope it'll make you laugh like it did for me. =)
See how it's eating and then loses it's balance. and when it thinks the thin brunch can support it's weight as it walks and again, loses it's balance. It's so funny and cute at the same time!!!
(Ignore my mom's voice in the video though, she always talks when ppl's taking a video =.=')
(but i still love her. =) )

Isn't it cute?!?!?! (i bet Niniek would love this video)

Jul 17, 2009

Apple-licious Event...

Hello again butterflies... sorry for the long delay... had some technical problems in uploading pictures... but anyhow, I'm back... and this is my 1st blog post posted using my baby blue - Tanner!!!!!!

I'm sure everyone heard of 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away' right?
Well, let me teach you a new phrase...

'Steam an apple a day, leaves Andrew's house apple-ly smoky'

On Thursday, went to mid valley to watch the new Harry Potter : the Half-Blooded Prince with Mr. Tall and Mr.Navigator . During lunch, we've received a very long waited good news. Our beloved teacher/mother - Mrs Ng, has finally given birth to a pretty, healthy baby girl - Maxine Ng!!!

At 3pm, Mr. Tall suddenly remembered that he forgot to off the fire at home. His steamed apple, boiling since 1030am and was suppose to be off-ed at 11am!!! We 'rushed' home for him and along the way, we passed a fire truck, and Mr.Navigator kept saying 'it's going to your house!' Poor Mr. tall, all shaky at the back seat. lol!!!

When we arrived at the apple scene, the house was smoky... entered, and the whole place smelled like sugary apple.

BBQ Apple anyone???

Now Mr. tall has another thing to worry about. What to tell him mom?

Time to clean up the crime scene and hide all evidence...

Tried so many detergents finally, the stain started to come off...

See the big smile... mischievous smile...

Evidence that was playfully disposed off...

What an apple-licious event... lol...

Jul 3, 2009

My New Baby Blue!!!

I've got my new baby blue!!! bet you guys are wondering what I'm talking about... well...

it's my new love... -Tanner!!!

A new Dell Inspiron Mini!!! Ice Blue in color!!!

Isn't he a hottie?!?!
actually, i think it should be collie instead of hottie...
(if you get what i mean...)

Learnt this from Andrew - AWESOME POSSUM!!!

Just sooo... mmmmm~~~~