Please ask for my permission if you would like to use any of the pictures that I've posted. Would really appreciate it. All pictures posted are taken by me unless stated. Thank You! :)

Sep 22, 2010

Vintage Market Hopping

Hey guys, how did you spend your Sunday? My Sunday was spent in vintage markets. Was invited by Lauren, accompanied by TetLeon, Michie, Sue Ann and Amanda.

First stop: The Milk Market.
Location: Lt.Lonsdale, further up Elizabeth St.

In this vintage market, there were vintage-y clothings and shoes for sale, some really cool yet weird looking accessories as well as amazing artworks hung on the walls (also for sale)..
*Click on picture to enlarge*
Other than that, there's also food stalls right in the middle of the market (all operated by chinese), a cafe at the entrance. There's also many chilling sofas for people to chill, eat and chit-chat on, there was even life band entertainment. Oh, and the 1st picture on the bottom row is a Homemade Lindt Chocolate stall that sells really delicious, crunchy on the outside chewy on the inside Brownies!!! :D
*Click on picture to enlarge*
Next Stop (2nd): Hello Sailor Vintage Fair
Location: Somewhere along Smith Street
This vintage market, compared to the Milk Market, is way~~~~ much cheaper! which is good for us students. It had 2 floors. They sell things such as clothings, accessories, shoes, and some really creepy deco stuff from as low as $3aud!

*Click on picture to enlarge*
There's also a chill bar and a mini restaurant on the ground floor which looked pretty cozy to me. Makes me want to stay and dine in as well :)
Oh and a jakun moment, the 3 picture is a picture of a cigarette vending machine. Lol. Its not my 1st time seeing it but I still go jakun over it. And no, I'm not a smoker!

*Click on picture to enlarge*
3rd and last stop: Lost & Found Market
Location: Further up from Hello Sailor, Smith Street.
This market however, was seriously like a lost and found. You can literally find anything and everything in this market. It was HUGE!!! It looked small from the outside but on the inside, it was like a maze...

I really like that 'Walk' sign but it was sold :(
They had tons of old and antique cameras. There were even the really old and original Polaroid cameras that I really want. But it was sooo expensive :(
*Click on picture to enlarge*
Some other things that I went jakun over. Specially the TV! Reminds me of aliens! (I have no idea why)
*Click on picture to enlarge*
This TV however, I find it really scary as it reminds me of The Ring!
The things I wanted to buy but couldn't afford and had no use for.
*Click on picture to enlarge*
Finally, my buys from Hello Sailor. A black clutch/handbag and a witchy charmed necklace. I know, I hate and totally horrified by spiders but this necklace is just irresistible! hehe :D

Thats how I ended my weekend. Have a nice week ahead :D

Sep 21, 2010

A Winter's Affair

My last week, I spent quite some time hunting for things for the Monash Inter-Campus Ball which was on last Friday. And it's not even my uni's ball! Lol.

*Click on picture to enlarge*
There were 3 things I really liked about this ball.
The table was lucky No.13 :)

The lucky 13s :D

Entry: Cajun marinated chicken fillets with plum jam.
Spot the difference between these 2 servings?
*Click on picture to enlarge*
Yes, the 1 on the left had no salad dressing.

Main Course: Beef or Fish
Desserts: Assorted cakes
*Click on picture to enlarge*
I didn't enjoy the food at all. Firstly, although the chicken fillets were marinated nicely,they were really dry! Secondly, the beef was also very dry. Only right smack in the middle, it was juicy and moist (like in the picture above). Thirdly, the cakes were pretty blend. It wasn't enjoyable. The Fish however, was better than the beef but still average. The only food that were delicious were the finger food served. Should have spam on that. Lol! And not to mention that they were seriously understaffed. Things went haywire during the main course and the good service from the beginning just fell all the way down...

Entertainment that night were pretty bad. The dances weren't interesting. The pole dancing like in the picture below, was ok but the only thing is, they were wearing sports wear instead of sexy outfits! Potong!!!! =.='
*Click on picture to enlarge*

There was a band performance as well which I can only describe in 1 word - SUCK! They totally spoilt the songs they were singing which were - Kings of Leon's Use Somebody, Gavin Degraw's I don't want to be and another song which I can't remember. That was just the worst!

But the after party music were not bad! Dance-able and enjoyable. Towards the end, many of the girls went barefoot. I was surprised that I was able to survive in my heels the whole night! A proud girl moment :)

Now back to the last thing I liked about the ball.

These 2 hot babes: Amanda and Michie

I like the colours captured in this picture.

Oh wait, did I mention that there were 4 girls at the ball wearing the exact same dress?
Yeah, F-O-U-R!! Bummer.. And a girl with a fake stick-on tattoo that was starting to peel off! Really wanted to go over and help her peel it off! I can't stand things or even skin that's peeling, just want to keep peeling and peeling.. hahahahahaha!!!

Next post will be a vintage post. Stay tune and have a great week ahead :)

Sep 15, 2010

Tim Burton Exhibition

So I finally went for the Tim Burton : The Exhibition at ACMI last Saturday.
This exhibition has been running since June and is ending 10th or 11th of October. I'm not really a huge fan of Tim Burton, I just enjoy some of his productions; but I must say, this exhibition is really really enjoyable. So for all you Tim Burton fanatics, you MUST drag your butts there at least once!

The entrance to the exhibition. My companions were Tetleon, Amanda, Michie, and Ken but I don't have our full group photo.

We weren't allowed to take pictures or videos in the exhibition which was a disappointment. If we were, this would be a heavy-picture-post for sure! This exhibition basically showcases many of Tim Burton's movie productions such as my all time favourite - Edward Scissorshand, Mars Attack, Alice in Wonderland and Corpse Bride; there were also all of his sketch works, letters, and random doodles of his. It even showcased Alice's dresses and shoes and also the Mad Hatter's costume and hat from Alice in Wonderland; Cat Woman's outfit from Batman and also my favourite and the coolest outfit of all - Edward Scissorshand's outfit and his scissorshand! Totally loved that. And it was a private collection, I'm assuming its Johnny Depps?

And it was at this Exhibition that I realized that Tim Burton actually worked with Johnny Depp so many times! Most of his production has Johnny Depp in it. And it was also through this exhibition that I found out that Tim Burton did Planet of the Apes! Never knew he was part of that production.

Oh and you'd notice that all his artworks are dark and deadly drawings. They are just... 2 words to describe them, 'Amazingly Sick!'. Everything is dead, dark, monstery, ugly, and unusual. But drawn with such creativity. :) Too bad I can't show you.

But next to the entrance, there's another small art gallery of his which is free entry. I'm not sure if we were allowed to snap pictures but oh well. I did.

This is called 'Blue Nail Baby' or something along that line. Can't really remember.
*click to enlarge picture*
Isn't it just Dark and Sick?!

And they had quite a few of his productions done in Polaroid! How cool is that?! ok, jakun :p

*click to enlarge picture*
Now this, this is the definition of dark and dead.
*click to enlarge picture*
Click on the picture below to enlarge it, and have a clear look of the 3rd picture. Then you'll know why I say the picture above is dark and sick. Lol! But they're all just, like I said, 'amazingly sick'. haha.
*click to enlarge picture*

And while Amanda, Michie and Ken went straight to the merchandise shop, Tetleon and I ventured into the ACMI technology centre or some sort and look what we were stuck at?!

We were stuck doing Matrix stunts!!! so cool!!! and so fun!! 35 cameras surrounding us, giving us this slow motion action. Jakun max!

Oh and check this...

Kick Ass stop motion! So coool!

After that, we met up with Lauren and FeiXiang and headed to Bimbos at Brunwick for Lauren's birthday dinner (which I will post about that really soon.)

So, stay tune :)

Sep 7, 2010

Crazy, Funfilled weekend down to the 12 apostles.

Spent last weekend driving down to the Great Ocean Road with Mr.Navigator, his brother, UY and Rachel. Took a little turn into Cape Otway Lighthouse again to see wild koalas. This road is just filled with koalas. We were lucky to spot 1 running by the road. And let me tell you, it was just ADORABLE!!!!! Cuter than a baby!! Yes, a baby!

Tell me I'm right! It's cuter than a baby!
*Click on the picture to enlarge
On the way back out to the main road, we stopped by the side, climbed over (well, more like rolled under) the fence to take pictures at this bunch of trees (like in the 2nd picture below) that was just right in the middle of the field. While attempting to walk towards the trees, the cows just stopped eating and started starring at us while the other cows further in the field all ran and gathered at that bunch of trees. The cows that were nearer to us started walking towards us and that 1 black cow in the last picture started walking faster and faster. So we all ran back and rushed each other to cross back over under the fence. The boys were screaming like girls!

*Click on the picture to enlarge
After a long 5 over hours drive, we finally made it to the famous 12 apostles. Well, there's 8 or 9 left now, not sure which 1 is consider an apostles. We did some usual touristy stuff - camwhored.

*Click on the picture to enlarge
I personally LOVE this picture (below) the most!
*Click on the picture to enlarge
Group shot without Rachel because she ran away somewhere and camwhored on her own.. lol.

We did another illegal thing - climbed over the fence, out to the cliff :D
Took some pictures, snapped some jump-shots...

*Click on the picture to enlarge
After that, we headed back towards Geelong and stayed at TetRoy's friend's place for the night. Had really good and yummy Thai food for dinner...

*Click on the picture to enlarge
And even when we're quite full, we went for scrumptious desserts at Panache.
From Left (Food): UY's Apple Crumble, TetRoy's Death by Chocolate that he claims its from Peru, my Banana Crepe and Hot Chocolate which sucked.

*Click on the picture to enlarge
Before heading back to reality, we stopped by Geelong's waterfront area for lunch and had really fresh muscles and prawns by the pier. And all along the waterfront of Geelong, they have these dummy statues like the ones in the 1st and last picture below. All different types.

*Click on the picture to enlarge
A weekend of fun, food and company. Now back to reality - assignments and presentations =.='