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Sep 21, 2010

A Winter's Affair

My last week, I spent quite some time hunting for things for the Monash Inter-Campus Ball which was on last Friday. And it's not even my uni's ball! Lol.

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There were 3 things I really liked about this ball.
The table was lucky No.13 :)

The lucky 13s :D

Entry: Cajun marinated chicken fillets with plum jam.
Spot the difference between these 2 servings?
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Yes, the 1 on the left had no salad dressing.

Main Course: Beef or Fish
Desserts: Assorted cakes
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I didn't enjoy the food at all. Firstly, although the chicken fillets were marinated nicely,they were really dry! Secondly, the beef was also very dry. Only right smack in the middle, it was juicy and moist (like in the picture above). Thirdly, the cakes were pretty blend. It wasn't enjoyable. The Fish however, was better than the beef but still average. The only food that were delicious were the finger food served. Should have spam on that. Lol! And not to mention that they were seriously understaffed. Things went haywire during the main course and the good service from the beginning just fell all the way down...

Entertainment that night were pretty bad. The dances weren't interesting. The pole dancing like in the picture below, was ok but the only thing is, they were wearing sports wear instead of sexy outfits! Potong!!!! =.='
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There was a band performance as well which I can only describe in 1 word - SUCK! They totally spoilt the songs they were singing which were - Kings of Leon's Use Somebody, Gavin Degraw's I don't want to be and another song which I can't remember. That was just the worst!

But the after party music were not bad! Dance-able and enjoyable. Towards the end, many of the girls went barefoot. I was surprised that I was able to survive in my heels the whole night! A proud girl moment :)

Now back to the last thing I liked about the ball.

These 2 hot babes: Amanda and Michie

I like the colours captured in this picture.

Oh wait, did I mention that there were 4 girls at the ball wearing the exact same dress?
Yeah, F-O-U-R!! Bummer.. And a girl with a fake stick-on tattoo that was starting to peel off! Really wanted to go over and help her peel it off! I can't stand things or even skin that's peeling, just want to keep peeling and peeling.. hahahahahaha!!!

Next post will be a vintage post. Stay tune and have a great week ahead :)

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