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Sep 7, 2010

Crazy, Funfilled weekend down to the 12 apostles.

Spent last weekend driving down to the Great Ocean Road with Mr.Navigator, his brother, UY and Rachel. Took a little turn into Cape Otway Lighthouse again to see wild koalas. This road is just filled with koalas. We were lucky to spot 1 running by the road. And let me tell you, it was just ADORABLE!!!!! Cuter than a baby!! Yes, a baby!

Tell me I'm right! It's cuter than a baby!
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On the way back out to the main road, we stopped by the side, climbed over (well, more like rolled under) the fence to take pictures at this bunch of trees (like in the 2nd picture below) that was just right in the middle of the field. While attempting to walk towards the trees, the cows just stopped eating and started starring at us while the other cows further in the field all ran and gathered at that bunch of trees. The cows that were nearer to us started walking towards us and that 1 black cow in the last picture started walking faster and faster. So we all ran back and rushed each other to cross back over under the fence. The boys were screaming like girls!

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After a long 5 over hours drive, we finally made it to the famous 12 apostles. Well, there's 8 or 9 left now, not sure which 1 is consider an apostles. We did some usual touristy stuff - camwhored.

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I personally LOVE this picture (below) the most!
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Group shot without Rachel because she ran away somewhere and camwhored on her own.. lol.

We did another illegal thing - climbed over the fence, out to the cliff :D
Took some pictures, snapped some jump-shots...

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After that, we headed back towards Geelong and stayed at TetRoy's friend's place for the night. Had really good and yummy Thai food for dinner...

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And even when we're quite full, we went for scrumptious desserts at Panache.
From Left (Food): UY's Apple Crumble, TetRoy's Death by Chocolate that he claims its from Peru, my Banana Crepe and Hot Chocolate which sucked.

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Before heading back to reality, we stopped by Geelong's waterfront area for lunch and had really fresh muscles and prawns by the pier. And all along the waterfront of Geelong, they have these dummy statues like the ones in the 1st and last picture below. All different types.

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A weekend of fun, food and company. Now back to reality - assignments and presentations =.='

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