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Sep 22, 2010

Vintage Market Hopping

Hey guys, how did you spend your Sunday? My Sunday was spent in vintage markets. Was invited by Lauren, accompanied by TetLeon, Michie, Sue Ann and Amanda.

First stop: The Milk Market.
Location: Lt.Lonsdale, further up Elizabeth St.

In this vintage market, there were vintage-y clothings and shoes for sale, some really cool yet weird looking accessories as well as amazing artworks hung on the walls (also for sale)..
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Other than that, there's also food stalls right in the middle of the market (all operated by chinese), a cafe at the entrance. There's also many chilling sofas for people to chill, eat and chit-chat on, there was even life band entertainment. Oh, and the 1st picture on the bottom row is a Homemade Lindt Chocolate stall that sells really delicious, crunchy on the outside chewy on the inside Brownies!!! :D
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Next Stop (2nd): Hello Sailor Vintage Fair
Location: Somewhere along Smith Street
This vintage market, compared to the Milk Market, is way~~~~ much cheaper! which is good for us students. It had 2 floors. They sell things such as clothings, accessories, shoes, and some really creepy deco stuff from as low as $3aud!

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There's also a chill bar and a mini restaurant on the ground floor which looked pretty cozy to me. Makes me want to stay and dine in as well :)
Oh and a jakun moment, the 3 picture is a picture of a cigarette vending machine. Lol. Its not my 1st time seeing it but I still go jakun over it. And no, I'm not a smoker!

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3rd and last stop: Lost & Found Market
Location: Further up from Hello Sailor, Smith Street.
This market however, was seriously like a lost and found. You can literally find anything and everything in this market. It was HUGE!!! It looked small from the outside but on the inside, it was like a maze...

I really like that 'Walk' sign but it was sold :(
They had tons of old and antique cameras. There were even the really old and original Polaroid cameras that I really want. But it was sooo expensive :(
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Some other things that I went jakun over. Specially the TV! Reminds me of aliens! (I have no idea why)
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This TV however, I find it really scary as it reminds me of The Ring!
The things I wanted to buy but couldn't afford and had no use for.
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Finally, my buys from Hello Sailor. A black clutch/handbag and a witchy charmed necklace. I know, I hate and totally horrified by spiders but this necklace is just irresistible! hehe :D

Thats how I ended my weekend. Have a nice week ahead :D

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