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Sep 15, 2010

Tim Burton Exhibition

So I finally went for the Tim Burton : The Exhibition at ACMI last Saturday.
This exhibition has been running since June and is ending 10th or 11th of October. I'm not really a huge fan of Tim Burton, I just enjoy some of his productions; but I must say, this exhibition is really really enjoyable. So for all you Tim Burton fanatics, you MUST drag your butts there at least once!

The entrance to the exhibition. My companions were Tetleon, Amanda, Michie, and Ken but I don't have our full group photo.

We weren't allowed to take pictures or videos in the exhibition which was a disappointment. If we were, this would be a heavy-picture-post for sure! This exhibition basically showcases many of Tim Burton's movie productions such as my all time favourite - Edward Scissorshand, Mars Attack, Alice in Wonderland and Corpse Bride; there were also all of his sketch works, letters, and random doodles of his. It even showcased Alice's dresses and shoes and also the Mad Hatter's costume and hat from Alice in Wonderland; Cat Woman's outfit from Batman and also my favourite and the coolest outfit of all - Edward Scissorshand's outfit and his scissorshand! Totally loved that. And it was a private collection, I'm assuming its Johnny Depps?

And it was at this Exhibition that I realized that Tim Burton actually worked with Johnny Depp so many times! Most of his production has Johnny Depp in it. And it was also through this exhibition that I found out that Tim Burton did Planet of the Apes! Never knew he was part of that production.

Oh and you'd notice that all his artworks are dark and deadly drawings. They are just... 2 words to describe them, 'Amazingly Sick!'. Everything is dead, dark, monstery, ugly, and unusual. But drawn with such creativity. :) Too bad I can't show you.

But next to the entrance, there's another small art gallery of his which is free entry. I'm not sure if we were allowed to snap pictures but oh well. I did.

This is called 'Blue Nail Baby' or something along that line. Can't really remember.
*click to enlarge picture*
Isn't it just Dark and Sick?!

And they had quite a few of his productions done in Polaroid! How cool is that?! ok, jakun :p

*click to enlarge picture*
Now this, this is the definition of dark and dead.
*click to enlarge picture*
Click on the picture below to enlarge it, and have a clear look of the 3rd picture. Then you'll know why I say the picture above is dark and sick. Lol! But they're all just, like I said, 'amazingly sick'. haha.
*click to enlarge picture*

And while Amanda, Michie and Ken went straight to the merchandise shop, Tetleon and I ventured into the ACMI technology centre or some sort and look what we were stuck at?!

We were stuck doing Matrix stunts!!! so cool!!! and so fun!! 35 cameras surrounding us, giving us this slow motion action. Jakun max!

Oh and check this...

Kick Ass stop motion! So coool!

After that, we met up with Lauren and FeiXiang and headed to Bimbos at Brunwick for Lauren's birthday dinner (which I will post about that really soon.)

So, stay tune :)

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