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Nov 24, 2009

Elegance Inn Hong Kong Cuisine

Sorry Annette, this I just have to...

Last night, My family and I went to this fancy smancy Chinese restaurant in Menara Hap Seng, KL for dinner called...
It's the building right after the KFC building.
Turn left at the turning after Merz and immediately turn left again into the parking lot.

It's sort of a continuation from Elcerdo where my mom's best girlfriends and their family gather and feast together.

Here's 2 of them, another is still on her way.
Some catching up before dinner.
Here's the organizer of the night, she was the 1 who organized our last gathering in El Cerdo, Changkat the last time.
This place is really fancy, I think we were the only ones in the Restaurant that night.
We had a private room to ourselves. And outside the room, we had a balcony to chill and admire the KL lights.
Here's a peek of our view.
This is the lamp in our room. I really like it somehow.

Our 1st dish, some Chinese delicacies.
The 1 in the lil saucer is cutlets of yam with spring roll skin wrapped with rice flour.
This is something I don't usually eat because I don't like yam. But the spring roll skin was soo fragrant that it blended with the yam so well. Crunchy and soft at the same time. Best ate while it's still hot.

The red 1 on the left is scallop wrapped with bacon.
This was delicious. The bacon was fried till crispy and the scallop was nicely steamed.

There's fried frog hidden behind the yam rice flour.
I didn't know it was frog till I stuffed it in my mouth. My dad looked at me suspiciously and as I stuffed it in my mouth, he goes ' It taste like chicken but it's not chicken'. Till then I guessed it as the meat of slimier but it was too late. =.='

Next was something really good!

Double-boiled Pork Belly Soup. mmm~~~
It says pork belly but it's not just pork belly. It's a whole pot of treasures inside!
There's chicken, ham, vege , dried scallop, top shell and of coz pork belly.
This soups very peppery. But they managed to boiled it in a way that it's not too peppery but just enough to cover the smell of the pork and still has the peppery taste in it.
This dish costs RM108.

Next dish is the most expensive dish.
The Australian Lobster with goose liver!
I'm not really a fan of lobsters, no diff for this lobster too.
But I'll give an 8 to this dish. It's cooked in a way that the meat is sooo juicy fresh and the taste is just right.
Well, it better taste good coz it costs freaking RM955.20!!!

Next is also 1 of last night's most expensive dish.
It's only sold a la carte.
The Steamy Hairy Crab.
11 crabs = RM630.00
Each of us had 1.

It came with some weapons to fight for its meat.
This hairy crab was awesome but geli too.
The meat's so fresh and juicy sweet!
the shell's pretty hard, so at times, biting was a problem. (for some ppl.)
But when it comes to the claws! ewww the hair is just such a turn-off.
Yup, the 4 pic's blacky patch on the claw are hairs!!!!
because it's steamed, the hair's wet so it looks kinda muddy...

The rest were some normal yet taste dishes.

Like the pork with black beans and hong kong kai-lan and bittergourd
Fried rice and Fried Noodle with pork belly.
The fried rice wasn't really nice, it's a lil salty to me...
but the noodle's really tasty!!! with the nicely sliced thin pork belly...
what else can I say but yumm~~~ or AWESOME!!!

Of coz, all dinners end with desserts.
we had a common dessert and individual desserts.
The common desserts called Ma Lai Kou. (don't ask me what's it in english. coz I have no idea. lol)
It's spongy soft! and they spread thin layers of kaya in between.
Really yummy...
The other dessert's Sea coconut and Longan.
really refreshing and sweet!!!

And the all so generous boss of the night...
ta da~~~ Aunty Mrs. Tan!!!
paid a whooping RM2364!!!
1 thing ridiculous was the charging for their towels.
You know when you go to Chinese restaurants, they'll always give you wet towels to wipe your hands.
Here, they charge you RM16.50 for 11 towels. =.='
Isn't that just ridiculous?!?!?!

but overall, I have to say...


Nov 23, 2009

Batu Caves & KL Tower

Finally not a post entirely on food. Bet Annette's really happy to see this. lol..

Last Wednesday, My sis and a friend of hers from the states, Micheal, came and stayed for a few days...

My sis then took him to Penang for 3 days 2 nights.
And on his last day in Malaysia, we brought him to try some Kelantanese Food in MidValley.
Then brought him to try Ice-Kacang at the Jonker-Street stall, also in Mid Valley.

Michael : This is really good. It has the weirdest things I never imagined to mix in shaved ice, and it all blends really well.

Then we headed to Batu Caves and KL tower just before sending him off to KLIA.

Took a few shots of the monkeys while climbing up, and this is my best shot.
It's not easy taking pics while climbing, the steps are so small, and when snapping, you feel like you're gonna fall. Plus with all the tourists and Indians walking up as well.
272 steps, we made it to the top.
Michael tried their ritual.

ended up with a banana and a daisy plus a white spot on his forehead after being blessed..
KL Tower.

While queuing up for tickets, this Indian guy in front, decided to move out of the line to take a look at brochures and then decided to come back and line up, thinking he could squeeze back into where he last was. Stupid idiot.

After sending him off to KLIA, we had to send my sis to LCCT to catch her plane back to KK.
And our late lunch... well, my dad an mine at least...

While walking to our car, we passed by the handicapped parking lots.
This caught our eyes...
A double handicap driver.

Nov 19, 2009

New York New York Deli & Batting cages, 1 Utama

Went to 1 Utama yesterday with TetLeon, Daryl & Julian for some ball hitting.

But before that, lunch!!!
This time in a western outlet called New York New York.

It's a pretty white western restaurant on the Lower Ground floor - LG311 in 1u new wing diagonal from Cold Storages and a Korean mini-mart.

The menu's quite interesting. Prices are about the same as Fridays, i would say.

I ordered this Caramel Swirl Hot Chocolate.
It's really chocolaty.
Not too sweet.
Served with marshmallows and my favorite whipped cream!!!

For main course, I order this Seafood Penne Pasta.
It's tomato based that's slightly spicy with squids and prawns.
The seafood's quite fresh.
Pretty good.

After munching session, we headed out to the pet shop.
There was this racoon that was so chubby. It was doing this swimming jump action against the glass. It was quite sad but really adorable!!!
couldn't get a shot of it coz there were workers around and we aren't allowed to snap pics.

but i did go against that rule at the dog section. Couldn't help it.
Too adorable!!!

There was this Golden Retriever that got Julian glued to the floor playing with it and Daryl too.

I would say it was so happy that we were playing with it till it became so manja...

There was 1 of my favorite dog there too and we could pat it!!! wee...

The amazing Rottweiler!!

oh oh!!! and there was this dog there too...
It was the BOMB!!!

I've never seen this dog anywhere in Malaysia before, so I was so excited when I saw it there.
what can I say, it's animals! I get excited over animals.

And It's none other than the Saint Bernard!!!!
So adorable and dreamy isn't it?!?!?!
How could anyone resist such an adorable lil fuzz ball???
It craves attention so it was pretty sad in that lil enclosure for such a big body.

Now for the main event of the day,
The batting cages!
Every wednesday, it's Rm3 for 15 balls.

it was raining so we were the only ones there.
After attempting to hit the balls at the slowest speed, I now know that baseball is a freaking hard game to play!!!
out of like 45 balls, I've only hit less than 10 balls!!!! RAWR!!!
And my helmet was too big for me =.='

Nov 18, 2009

XO Fishhead Noodle

Another food joint to recommend to you...
But sorry, this place is non-halal..

I can't remember what's the full name of this place,
but it has 'famous XO fishhead noodle' on the shop's name.

It's somewhere in Kuchai Lama, near these old flats area.
It only opens during the day, and may you be warned!!!

It's uberly packed in the afternoon...

The must tries of this place:

Chicken wings cooked with Guinness - Hak Pe Kai Yik

It's sweet, and the meat is really juicy...

And their signature dish...

XO fishhead noodle.

Sweet, slightly gingery soup.
The noodle's boiled to a point that it's not too soft and not too hard.
The fish's cooked just nicely that it's not too flaky.

this Clay pot Mouse-tail rice noodle is pretty interesting.
They serve it in this box thingy like in the picture below.
Makes something simple look so special.. haha...

Nov 17, 2009


Went to Mid Valley with my parents on Saturday, supposedly for the Metrojaya sales.

But sadly, there wasn't much sales. =.='
hopefully the Zara sales won't be a disappointment.
I want my vest, leather jacket and that dress!!!

Anyway, after walking round Metrojaya, looking at their Christmas decorations and suddenly realized that Christmas is coming really soon.

But why don't I feel the Christmas 'umph' anymore?!?!
It used to be always there!! The excitement, the thrill.
Not to mention the hunting of Christmas gifts!
All missing!!!

So after walking, we went for afternoon tea at....

well, supposedly afternoon tea but it ended up afternoon coffee and hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate was OK, not really a wow.
There weren't enough cocoa in it.
Had scones. The Scones were yummy!!!
And this Quiche with beef bacon in it...
really delicious!!!
And the BOMB!!!!
Been craving for brownies lately.
Not just any brownies...
brownies that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
And wa-lah... They serve it here in Delicious!!!
Very nice. But do loose the chocolate sauce, it'll soften the top of the Brownies.

Oh, and there was sales happening in Charles and Keith.
People had to practically line up like last year's Quiksilver and Roxy's sales to go in.
Just that, this 1, the guys have nothing to see.
I just had to snap a picture of the guys waiting for their gf/wives outside the shop.
(and my parents decided to be busy bodies and join in the picture)

Nov 16, 2009

Howling At The New Moon

What do I like about the Twilight Saga?

Well, there are a few things that captivated me through out the whole Twilight Saga.

Mainly, I'd say, I like how the story is written. I like how the author, Stephanie Mayer plot the whole story,how the story flows, and every time it feels like the story's heading to a peaceful state, something bad or exciting comes along and stirs up the peace like when Bella's at her worse point of time during Edward's disappearance, (in the 2nd book - NEW MOON), just when you think her situation can't get any worst, Edward thought she died, and went to the Volturi for suicide. And then the thrill and excitement of the story starts stirring up again. That really keeps the fire burning for me through out the whole story.

Another thing that kept me captivated and engrossed in her story is how imaginative Stephanie Meyer is with her ideas, it really differentiates her story and makes her story stand out from the other vampire stories they have on the book shelves. One, is that how she thought of the vampire's glowing body when they step into the sunlight instead of hiding away from the sun and only come out in the night. Two, how the wolves would imprint, I enjoyed imagining the part when Bella found out that Jacob imprinted on her baby, Renesmee.(4th book, Breaking Dawn); and once they've imprinted, they'll stay loyal and never fall out of love with their imprinted partners. Same goes for the vampire's side, once they have their other half, they'd either rather die or go all out on vengeance for their soul mates. I like the thought that both the wolves and vampires are really loyal to their partners and never cheats on them. Life would be so peaceful without betrayals and love ones cheating on each other. Three, the idea of how a vampire is able to have a baby when their supposedly the living dead. These imaginations are really intriguing to me.

I also enjoyed reading the war scenes in the story especially the big preparation the Cullens family had with the help of their other vampire friends to fight the Volturi in the last book - Breaking Dawn. I enjoyed the process of Bella's preparation, how she learns to control and use her new found power. How she tried testing her powers against the other vampires until the actual war where she found herself being able to stretch her 'protection bubble' out, just enough to protect every member on her side.

Other than the story in general, now to the in-depths of the story.

I envy Bella a lot. (i know, envious of a character in a story. =.=') But i do. I envy her relationships with her loved ones.

First, with Edward of course. I envy how in-love they both are, how protective they are to each other and how they would do practically anything even if it hurts like when Edward had to leave Bella in order to keep her safe from harm, away from him and his family after the paper-cut incident during her birthday celebration (2nd book - New Moon);or how dangerous and life threatening the situation might be like when Edward had to suck the venom from Bella's arm despite his thirst for her blood, having to control himself (1st book - Twilight). And when Bella risks her life rushing to stop Edward from stepping into the sunlight, exposing himself, their kind to the world. (2nd book - New Moon).

Second, her relationship with Jacob. I envy their close-ness and the bond they have. Spending time together, hanging out almost all the time. I too envy how sensitive and caring Jacob is towards Bella, helping her go through her bad times, trying to keep her mind off Edward, not just because he loves her but he also wants her to be happy. And also how much he still loves her even though he knows that Edward would still be the chosen one but he's still willing to do anything to keep her happy. I think that really needs a lot of courage and strength. Course knowing you love someone that doesn't love you back the way you do, but still you're willing to sacrifice anything or do anything for the other party, just to see the smile on their face is not something easy.

Third, her relationship with both Edward and Jacob at the same time. There was a point where Bella fell in love with Jacob and was still madly in love with Edward at the same time. Even though Edward knew, he still stood by her and being the same old Edward he has always been to her, protecting her like a precious jewel. And the same thing goes for Jacob's side. Now despite
the both of them being love rivals, they still manage to put their hatred aside for the sake of Bella. Like in Eclipse when the 3 of them were in a tent in the woods, and Bella was having fever and the temperature wasn't right for her, Edward and Jacob worked together and maintained Bella's body temperature. That's something you don't see everyday in real life, infact, I don't think you'd ever see love rivals working together to protect the one they love. And they were able to pro-long that till the end of the story. Like even during Bella's pregnancy, they both worked together again maintaining Bella's body temperature while she endures the pain of having that child.

And this is what I like about the Twilight Saga.

So what do you think?

Nov 15, 2009

RIP dear one

Yesterday when I was enjoying an afternoon coffee time (well, I had hot chocolate instead of coffee. Not a coffee lover.) with my parents in Delicious, Mid Valley;
I received a call from my cousin from Singapore.

I thought it was news regarding my Iphone 3gs but NOOOOOO...
It was something bad. Worst than bad.
A really really bad and sad news.

The Lee-Goh family's longest family dog, Brownie, has gone to heaven to rest in peace.

She's our family's longest dog. She lived for about 110 doggie years!!!!
Long long happy life I would say.

Everyone loved her so much and she's practically the Queen in the family.

I remember when I was like 4 or 5 years old, I remember sharing a lollipop with her.
Yes, I really shared a lollipop with her. I exchanged saliva with a dog. haha!!
hey, I was a kid. What do I know?!

Here's a picture of her, taken last year.
She's 1 F-A-T dog I tell you.
and very lazy too!!! But very lovable.

She's pretty bad tempered sometimes.
Sometimes she doesn't like people touching her body, especially her paws!!
Her paws are a nono!!
The safest place to touch her would be her pretty little to-small-for-her-body head.

See... lazy bitch of the family.
Oh, and it's pretty hard to capture picture of her looking into the camera.
she's very camera shy. Aren't like Niniek's dog who's sooooo camwhorish.
Hers will practically stay still and pose for you till you're done taking pictures of them. ha.
See, very hard to take her staring at the camera.
Anyway, early this year, she had cancer.
and a HUGE tumor grew on her lower jaw.
She started smelling.
She drools and can't control it too. So sometimes you'd see her drool dangling at the side of her mouth.

See how huge that tumor is.
Poor girl, suffering with a swollen jaw and it gives her problem when she's eating too.
Rest In Peace dear one.
You've lived a loooong life.
We will miss you...