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Nov 8, 2009

Nihon Kai

Sorry guys, another food post.

This time it's Japanese...

Every Sunday, I'll usually spend lunch with my church friends which are also my normal bunchies, just boyfriend-less.

And usually we'll spend like 15mins after church mingling around with the church members, then the next 30 mins settling down and deciding what to eat.

Yes, we take that long just to decide what to eat.
that's because when you ask someone 'eh, what you want to eat?'

The normal answer that any normal human being would answer would most definitely be...

'anything la, what do you want to eat?'

see, you ask them, then they'll ask you back the same question pulak. =.='

and this time, the answer would be either...

'I don't know, up to you..'
'I anything.'

See la, how to decide?!?!?!?!?!?!?! haha

So this week I said, lets have Japanese.

and so we headed to our destination...

Nihon Kai.
It's a nice little Japanese restaurant along Jalan Klang Lama,
hidden in a cozy corner but still manages to gain crowd.

The food is slightly pricey but the food's fresh!

and when speaking of fresh Japanese food, of coz, I'm talking about their raw stuff.

Anyway, we got ourselves a lil private room to eat in.

I ordered the normal California Roll. Had a sudden craving for it when I was there.
Shared Gyoza with Andrew.
And also ordered myself a Unagi Don.
1 of my favorites other than Tempura.
4 of us had to rush because they were late for carolling practice back at church.
While the rest of us, chilled there and enjoyed our meal.
After meal, time for some money issues...

Here's something funny.

Eng asked and answered,
Why Japanese eats on the floor?
So that they can sleep straight away after eating.
The only ones left after lunch,

Rhino Tong
Eng the rock-star-drummer-dentist

While I was about to take this picture, Juan was telling us about some Japanese phobia about Japanese locking themselves in the room alone for months, even years because they're afraid to face the outside world.

Before he could reach the point of the story, he started laughing and covering his face,
we all thought it was gonna be a funny story, but no....

he was laughing and covering his face because he was camera shy!!!!

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