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Nov 19, 2009

New York New York Deli & Batting cages, 1 Utama

Went to 1 Utama yesterday with TetLeon, Daryl & Julian for some ball hitting.

But before that, lunch!!!
This time in a western outlet called New York New York.

It's a pretty white western restaurant on the Lower Ground floor - LG311 in 1u new wing diagonal from Cold Storages and a Korean mini-mart.

The menu's quite interesting. Prices are about the same as Fridays, i would say.

I ordered this Caramel Swirl Hot Chocolate.
It's really chocolaty.
Not too sweet.
Served with marshmallows and my favorite whipped cream!!!

For main course, I order this Seafood Penne Pasta.
It's tomato based that's slightly spicy with squids and prawns.
The seafood's quite fresh.
Pretty good.

After munching session, we headed out to the pet shop.
There was this racoon that was so chubby. It was doing this swimming jump action against the glass. It was quite sad but really adorable!!!
couldn't get a shot of it coz there were workers around and we aren't allowed to snap pics.

but i did go against that rule at the dog section. Couldn't help it.
Too adorable!!!

There was this Golden Retriever that got Julian glued to the floor playing with it and Daryl too.

I would say it was so happy that we were playing with it till it became so manja...

There was 1 of my favorite dog there too and we could pat it!!! wee...

The amazing Rottweiler!!

oh oh!!! and there was this dog there too...
It was the BOMB!!!

I've never seen this dog anywhere in Malaysia before, so I was so excited when I saw it there.
what can I say, it's animals! I get excited over animals.

And It's none other than the Saint Bernard!!!!
So adorable and dreamy isn't it?!?!?!
How could anyone resist such an adorable lil fuzz ball???
It craves attention so it was pretty sad in that lil enclosure for such a big body.

Now for the main event of the day,
The batting cages!
Every wednesday, it's Rm3 for 15 balls.

it was raining so we were the only ones there.
After attempting to hit the balls at the slowest speed, I now know that baseball is a freaking hard game to play!!!
out of like 45 balls, I've only hit less than 10 balls!!!! RAWR!!!
And my helmet was too big for me =.='

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