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Nov 5, 2009

Drool over!!!

Was surfing through the net and found this website with awesome picture (for me) and pretty girls!!! , thanks to Annette.

well not all pretty, but they have the sexy-wavy-long hair that I'd die to have.

but too bad with my genes of thin-little hair, I can't have hair like them even if I could.
sigh =.='

and also I love the way they're dressed!!!

Just look at their hair!!!
The 2 pictures below,

I love their hair and their clothes!!!

The 4 pictures below,

I love their outfit!!!

For this picture,
I just love the picture!!!!



2 pixies comments:

HanieHyde said...

their outfits are nice but nooo, long thick hair looks nice but it's make you sweat easily. not fun at all on a hot day -_-"

Fairylicious said...

hahaha... i'd die for long thick wavy hair man!!! my hair's soo thin and bald!!!