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Nov 13, 2009

Korean BBQ

Went to Ampang for Korean BBQ dinner last tuesday with Sinyin and WanLing.

The restaurant wasn't crowded but the food's good.
If I'm not mistaken, there was only pork and beef to choose from.
If you're on a budget when you're there, pork would be your best choice...
The beef is just EXPENSIVE!!! but it looks good though...

as usual we started with some Korean little snacks..

Here's our main course...

Plain pork streaks...
Marinated Pork streaks...
all meat comes with a complimentary Tofu soup.
We ordered extra,

awesome, delicious Kim Chi Ji Gae - Kim Chi Soup with slices of pork meat.

Lettuce were served too.
And you're suppose to wrap the meat with some rice and spread a lil Korean chillie sauce.
Wrap it up and eat it like popiah.
or you can wrap whatever you want in it..
Here's Sinyin with her Korean Popiah wrap.

Oh, and I learnt a new way of eating Kim Chi.

Bbq it, it makes the Kim Chi taste more fragrant and crunchy.

And of coz, a small photo-snapping.

My picture proves it all...


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