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Nov 6, 2009

Spaghetti Farm

Went to Mid Valley for lunch earlier today,

suppose to go for Teppanyaki,

but I saw this new food outlet open opposite of Teppanyaki called - Spaghetti Farm.

So thought I gave it a try...

The price aren't expensive.

the most expensive pasta is only RM12.80 I think?

And just add another RM3.20, you'll get a set of pasta with soup and soft drink!!!

So I'd say RM18 max?

For me, I ordered the famous Bolognese Beef Pasta.

Best dish to test out whether it's delicious or not...
For the soup, they have a selection of Creamy Chicken, Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup and i can't remember the last 1... hehe

I chose my favorite soup, Tomato Soup...

Hahaha, It was not bad. A good choice of place and food if you have a sudden crave for pasta and don't want to spend a bomb to satisfy your craving or you're kinda broke at the moment but want to indulge in some Pasta...

I swept everything clean... guess I was too hungry... hehe

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