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Nov 23, 2009

Batu Caves & KL Tower

Finally not a post entirely on food. Bet Annette's really happy to see this. lol..

Last Wednesday, My sis and a friend of hers from the states, Micheal, came and stayed for a few days...

My sis then took him to Penang for 3 days 2 nights.
And on his last day in Malaysia, we brought him to try some Kelantanese Food in MidValley.
Then brought him to try Ice-Kacang at the Jonker-Street stall, also in Mid Valley.

Michael : This is really good. It has the weirdest things I never imagined to mix in shaved ice, and it all blends really well.

Then we headed to Batu Caves and KL tower just before sending him off to KLIA.

Took a few shots of the monkeys while climbing up, and this is my best shot.
It's not easy taking pics while climbing, the steps are so small, and when snapping, you feel like you're gonna fall. Plus with all the tourists and Indians walking up as well.
272 steps, we made it to the top.
Michael tried their ritual.

ended up with a banana and a daisy plus a white spot on his forehead after being blessed..
KL Tower.

While queuing up for tickets, this Indian guy in front, decided to move out of the line to take a look at brochures and then decided to come back and line up, thinking he could squeeze back into where he last was. Stupid idiot.

After sending him off to KLIA, we had to send my sis to LCCT to catch her plane back to KK.
And our late lunch... well, my dad an mine at least...

While walking to our car, we passed by the handicapped parking lots.
This caught our eyes...
A double handicap driver.

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