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Nov 24, 2009

Elegance Inn Hong Kong Cuisine

Sorry Annette, this I just have to...

Last night, My family and I went to this fancy smancy Chinese restaurant in Menara Hap Seng, KL for dinner called...
It's the building right after the KFC building.
Turn left at the turning after Merz and immediately turn left again into the parking lot.

It's sort of a continuation from Elcerdo where my mom's best girlfriends and their family gather and feast together.

Here's 2 of them, another is still on her way.
Some catching up before dinner.
Here's the organizer of the night, she was the 1 who organized our last gathering in El Cerdo, Changkat the last time.
This place is really fancy, I think we were the only ones in the Restaurant that night.
We had a private room to ourselves. And outside the room, we had a balcony to chill and admire the KL lights.
Here's a peek of our view.
This is the lamp in our room. I really like it somehow.

Our 1st dish, some Chinese delicacies.
The 1 in the lil saucer is cutlets of yam with spring roll skin wrapped with rice flour.
This is something I don't usually eat because I don't like yam. But the spring roll skin was soo fragrant that it blended with the yam so well. Crunchy and soft at the same time. Best ate while it's still hot.

The red 1 on the left is scallop wrapped with bacon.
This was delicious. The bacon was fried till crispy and the scallop was nicely steamed.

There's fried frog hidden behind the yam rice flour.
I didn't know it was frog till I stuffed it in my mouth. My dad looked at me suspiciously and as I stuffed it in my mouth, he goes ' It taste like chicken but it's not chicken'. Till then I guessed it as the meat of slimier but it was too late. =.='

Next was something really good!

Double-boiled Pork Belly Soup. mmm~~~
It says pork belly but it's not just pork belly. It's a whole pot of treasures inside!
There's chicken, ham, vege , dried scallop, top shell and of coz pork belly.
This soups very peppery. But they managed to boiled it in a way that it's not too peppery but just enough to cover the smell of the pork and still has the peppery taste in it.
This dish costs RM108.

Next dish is the most expensive dish.
The Australian Lobster with goose liver!
I'm not really a fan of lobsters, no diff for this lobster too.
But I'll give an 8 to this dish. It's cooked in a way that the meat is sooo juicy fresh and the taste is just right.
Well, it better taste good coz it costs freaking RM955.20!!!

Next is also 1 of last night's most expensive dish.
It's only sold a la carte.
The Steamy Hairy Crab.
11 crabs = RM630.00
Each of us had 1.

It came with some weapons to fight for its meat.
This hairy crab was awesome but geli too.
The meat's so fresh and juicy sweet!
the shell's pretty hard, so at times, biting was a problem. (for some ppl.)
But when it comes to the claws! ewww the hair is just such a turn-off.
Yup, the 4 pic's blacky patch on the claw are hairs!!!!
because it's steamed, the hair's wet so it looks kinda muddy...

The rest were some normal yet taste dishes.

Like the pork with black beans and hong kong kai-lan and bittergourd
Fried rice and Fried Noodle with pork belly.
The fried rice wasn't really nice, it's a lil salty to me...
but the noodle's really tasty!!! with the nicely sliced thin pork belly...
what else can I say but yumm~~~ or AWESOME!!!

Of coz, all dinners end with desserts.
we had a common dessert and individual desserts.
The common desserts called Ma Lai Kou. (don't ask me what's it in english. coz I have no idea. lol)
It's spongy soft! and they spread thin layers of kaya in between.
Really yummy...
The other dessert's Sea coconut and Longan.
really refreshing and sweet!!!

And the all so generous boss of the night...
ta da~~~ Aunty Mrs. Tan!!!
paid a whooping RM2364!!!
1 thing ridiculous was the charging for their towels.
You know when you go to Chinese restaurants, they'll always give you wet towels to wipe your hands.
Here, they charge you RM16.50 for 11 towels. =.='
Isn't that just ridiculous?!?!?!

but overall, I have to say...


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