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Nov 18, 2009

XO Fishhead Noodle

Another food joint to recommend to you...
But sorry, this place is non-halal..

I can't remember what's the full name of this place,
but it has 'famous XO fishhead noodle' on the shop's name.

It's somewhere in Kuchai Lama, near these old flats area.
It only opens during the day, and may you be warned!!!

It's uberly packed in the afternoon...

The must tries of this place:

Chicken wings cooked with Guinness - Hak Pe Kai Yik

It's sweet, and the meat is really juicy...

And their signature dish...

XO fishhead noodle.

Sweet, slightly gingery soup.
The noodle's boiled to a point that it's not too soft and not too hard.
The fish's cooked just nicely that it's not too flaky.

this Clay pot Mouse-tail rice noodle is pretty interesting.
They serve it in this box thingy like in the picture below.
Makes something simple look so special.. haha...

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