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Sep 28, 2009

My cousin and some friends came down for a weekend trip last week.
Met them on Saturday and yesterday,
dinner-ed at Chillies, 1 Utama.
Then went back to their hotel and played Boren's new precious.
It's a western style mahjong, so awesome and cool...
You'll see...

This is my drug-addict-look-a-like cousin bro.
this is Boren.
Look at the mahjong set... Isn't it uber different from the Chinese 1?
It was quite hard for us to play with flowers as we don't know the numbering of the flowers.
the pic below is the western style mahjong flowers.
western 'dong,nan,si,bei' - 'north, south, east, west'
'hong zhong, fai chai, pai ban' (no idea how to call them in english.)
In the chinese style, these stars are supposedly circles and we call them - 'dong zi'
In the western style, it's STARS!!! :)
This is 'Man zi' in the chinese style which practically means Millions.
(oh and the numbers are written in chinese)
This is what we call 'shu zi' which means sticks.
We weren't use to the different pictures and all.
Like the stars and sticks, we had to slowly count 1 by 1, just so we won't match the wrong cards or throw the wrongs cards...
It was hilarious and uber fun...

Ain't this set of Mahjong so cool?!?!?!?!

Sep 24, 2009

IKEA, Sandwiches and Italianese

*Warning - another food post*

The day after coming back from our Singapore trip, went to IKEA.
But, before that, we went to O'briens for a healthy breakfast.
Had Tuna sandwich.
I love IKEA!!! though it get boring as some parts.
But I just love walking in IKEA.
So much inspiration. So many ideas.
It made me want to re-do my bedroom. (though I had that idea a looooooong time ago, but it's only when I'm in IKEA, I have the sudden urge to make it happen.)
Well, we shall see if it works.

after IKEA, it was time for The Baker Moments.
Another healthy sandwich for lunch.
The Swimming Salmon :) (sooo yummy!!!)
I like this little saying printed on the cups.
Went to Mid Valley in the evening to get my heels.
And then, it was Italianese for dinner.

Bruschetta for starters. :)
Salmon Fettuccine.
and me favourite - Shrimp Linguine!!! :)
on a 'heavier' note - Italianese Mid Valley seriously needs to train their waiters and waitresses harder. Much harder!!!
The service there is getting from bad to worst!

Sep 23, 2009

Singapore half-day 4

Ok, so it was my last day in Singapore.
As our Lee-Goh tradition, trips always ends with a good feast.
And so we headed to this Peranakan Restaurant - Ivins.
That was my second time eating at this nyonya restaurant.
But this time, after watching the Singapore series - The Little Nyonya,
while enjoying this meal, it reminded me of the little scenes of the actresses cooking all the nyonya delights; the way they pound the spices, the little steps on the recipes that we'll think it's unimportant but it actually affects the whole cooking.

so anyway, here's to the FOOD!!!!!!
awesome Sambal Kang Kung again :)
Babi Ponteh
Sambal Udang
Sambal Brinjal
Itik Tim - Totally awesome!!!
It's salted vegetable soup cooked with duck stock.
Soooooo delicious!!!
Asam Fish. Also totally AWESOME!!!
Smelly beans with sambal.
Nyonya desserts...

Sep 22, 2009

Singapore Day 3

Massive eating trip to Singapore this time. Actually it always have been a massive eating trip when I'm in Singapore.
So let me continue bringing you pixies through my eating trip. (gosh, i hope i can still fit into that dress. shouldn't have alter it.)

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, after church, we all gathered at the Lee-Goh Family headquarter. (Which is my Dad's sis's house.)
Dad cooked a scrumptious meal with awesome red meat, sausages, Turkish bread, cheese and garlic baked mushrooms.
Oh, and also my Dad's awesome mushroom soup. It's so mushroomy, it's soooo awesome!!!

So after lunch, it was dessert time - Apple Strudel.
While the kids sat at the table joined by the adults and their wine,
again, old hilarious stories of us (especially my youngest cousin - Jonathan) were told, laughter was spread all around the table, the house and also the neighbourhood. hahaha.

Here's my uncle (the owner of the house) and my dad, enjoying their apple strudel with Vanilla ice-cream.
Cute couple huh...
This is my youngest cousin - Jonathan, laughing his ass off from all the hilarious chronicles of his life so far that was told by all of us.
Then after that, the Lee brothers and I accompanied my grandma playing a game of Mahjong.
Won like 20+ sing.
Then we all rushed to town for a quick shopping in my cousin's car as he was also rushing to someone's wedding.
Seriously, this was my fastest, quickest shopping in my lifetime.
Within a short period of 2 hours, I've bought 6 items that were all on my list of things to get in Singapore. (well, except my jeans shorts and jeans skirt.)
My 3 night's dinner there was already pre-planned.
1st night - Empress Birthday Dinner.
2nd night - Dinner at my mom's side.
and for the 3rd and last night there,
dinner with my sis's friends. (a treat to us for their trip in Malaysia last month or so.)
Went to a hawker-like-place in Ang Mo Kio.
And after dinner, we went to drink to our 'DOME'

Sep 21, 2009

Pig Haven *updated*

Here's another food post. GOD, been eating so much!!!
Life's good :)

This time, let me take you to a place called Elcerdo. A nose to tail eating place.
A fancy Spanish restuarant owned by a German Guy named Werner J Kuhn, located in 1 of those back lanes in KL, where all the fancy restaurants are hidden.
Elcerdo which means 'the pig' in spanish, specialises in porcine delights.
This homey restaurant is coazily decorated with lots of pig and piglets photographs and drawings, and also some soft toys and figurings.
Just like their uber cute menu.
Smiling piggys!!! :)
A wonderful scrumptious meal arranged by my mom's girlfriend's daughter for a table of 12.
Served by this waitress named Monica, awesome waitress, she can be really irritating sometimes, but she's such a teaser that we find it so entertaining. (she's one of those rare waitresses that gets my dad's uber lame comments. not many do. they usually show those blur, stunt faces.)
Do look for her when you guys visit this restuarant. She's great in recommanding dishes.
All our dishes were recommanded by her, accept the desserts.
Desserts were recommanded by our organizer, Ms.Caroline. (my mom's girlfriend's daughter)

For starters,
Bread and butter as usuall, like all the western restaurants.
(but no bread beats Italianese's Forcassia Bread)
Potato soup
this interesting starter called Serrano
It's actually Parma Ham served with Winter Melon.
The winter melon was so sweet that it mixes well with the slightly salted ham.
As for the main course. Main courseS I should say.

First up, Iberico Ribs.
Super sweet succulent pork ribs. A definite MUST TRY.
The waiters came in with fingerbowls for each and every one of us.
Telling us that we should use our hands to eat. Ha!
Finger licking good pork!!!
This ribs are actually from Black Pepper Pork that's specially imported from Spain.
and ONLY available in Spain. As told by Monica.
Next, Seafood Paella.
Something like the Italian's Risoto.
The seafood was sooo fresh and juicy :)
Oh, considered yourselves warned, througout your whole meal there, you'll be hearing lots of plate knocking,breaking, cracking noises.
But ONLY when you order this awesome western style suckling pig.
As told by Monica, a chef in Spain a long time ago soaked his pig is some sauce(couldn't catch the name) and wine and he made it sooo suckling-ly crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside that you can even cut through it with a plate!
Then she mentioned something about that chef breaking the plate wishing for true love.
and he did find his true love after that. So it's said that by breaking that plate will bring you good luck. Hold 3 & 9 oclock of the plate will be wishing for good wealth = MONEY!!!
and holding 8 & 4 oclock of the plate will be wishing for good relationship.
So I was given the privilege to cut the pig with the plate and then breaking the plate :)
It was definitely easy to cut the pig with a plate!!! just by knocking it, the cuts through nicely...
My dad's 1st piece of the suckling pork was it's tail.
Here, on the plate is where he deliciously decorated his food.
Look how cute the lil tail is...
It's a pity, I know; but it's soooo crunchy.
So is it's ears... Uber crunchy...
While enjoying our dinner, The man drank beer.
And the ladies ordered Rose Berry Sangria to share around the table.
It's pretty berry-licious and nice.
But I didn't drink much coz I don't like feeling the alcohol burning and streaming in my tummy.
Was almost full from all the delicious main courses.
But must always leave space for awesome desserts.
We ordered some 4 types of desserts to try.

Werner Special, it's layers of cream, strawberries and raspberry sorbet.
Yes, I ate strawberries. but only 1 bite to taste everything together.
after that, I gave the strawberries to my parents :)
This is Andreas Special, layers of cream, chocolate ice-cream, banana cutlets, topped with almond nuts and oreo crumbs.
This is awesome I tell you.
I prefer this way better than the Werner's special.
Rum Raisin Pancake.
also awesome!!! there's blueberries at the bottom.
This is Churros.
Spanish Doughnuts.
Dip them in that pot of melted dark chocolate.
Not my type of dessert coz of the dark chocolate. I'm more of a white chocolate person.
But the doughnut is pretty good.
Ate it with the pancake's blueberries instead. :)
Before leaving, they serve us this lil cup of drink with lil alcohol in it for digestion.
Hate it!!! >.<
Super sour and alcoholly.
Hate the feeling in my tummy after drinking it.
Nose to tail eating. Means you practically eat every part of the pig.
From the nose to it's tail. There was a glass art with that saying hung on the wall where we were sitting, but thanks to me, i forgot to bring my camera so i had to use my lousy phone camera to take these photos. Couldn't take picture of that interesting glass art coz you won't be able to see the picture.

Ok, I guess you guys must be wondering how much this fancy dinner cost, right?
Here's the answer..........................................................................


A group picture taken by our organizer.

Singapore Day 2

1st day in Singapore we started eating.
Now's the 2nd day. Went to Town for some shopping.
Tried on a few things but put them into my KIV list.
Walked almost the whole day and it was time to go home.
But before heading home, We went to buy the Empress's dinner and while buying,
I just had to stop at the Apple Strudel Shop to get myself some strudels!!!

Sis bought the Strawberry Mini strudel..
I got myself the Durian Mini. Not bad :)
tonight's dinner wasn't a Lee-Goh dinner.
But a Wong dinner. (my aunt from my mom's side)
Didn't really like going over to their house coz of my really uber annoying cousin which my sis and I hate alot!!! like seriously!!!

Here's our dinner. Awesome food by the way.
Bought and cooked from scratch by my aunt's maid.
This was our starter - Mee Soto. Soup was superb.
BBQ & Roasted pork. (This was bought)
Beef Rendang. Cooked from scratch.
The beef was sooo tender and the rendang tasted just nice!!!
The pulut rice and some cake. (can't remember the name)
Dinner ended with some wine - Yellowtail red wine.
And the awesome famous Apple Strudel!!!