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Sep 10, 2009

Meet Up With The LOST Girls~~~

Met up with my 2 long lost 'sisters' that day at Mid Valley.
Went for really late lunch at a thai restaurant between Mid and Gardens.
And chillex at Coffee Bean after.

Here's big sis - Ms.Busy-Planning-Outings-Before-Heading-To-UK.
Youngest sis - Ms.Looking-For-Job.
Thought of the funniest thing in Coffee Bean.
Came up with an idea of buying a piece of awesome rich chocolate Chocolate Fudge Cake to celebrate all 3 of our birthdays together since we didn't get to and we won't get to celebrate together.
(You'll understand that later.)

Here's the 3 of us with our birthday cake.
Happy belated birthday. (Didn't get to celebrate)
Happy Advanced Birthday. (Won't get to celebrate)
And mine, the 2nd sis - Ms. Bump-At-Home.
Happy belated birthday. (Didn't get to)

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