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Sep 19, 2009

The Empress 81st

Ok, so the main reason why I went down to Singapore with my family was
to celebrate my Grandma's 81st Birthday...
Yay Granny!!!

We went to a Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Serangoon Garden
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.

It's been awhile since the whole Lee Family had dinner together. With every single member attending.

Here are the dishes we ordered.
This Sambal Kang Kung was awesome!!!
Best Sambal Kang Kung ever.
Duck skin...
Fried Baby Octopus.
Scallop wrapped in Yam.
Chillie Crabs!!!
This Honeydew Sago was awesome too...
The very very late soldier.
The Lee brother.
After dinner, had some camwhoring session...
My 'loving' parents.
The big couple
The small couples
After dinner, went home to cut cake...

This cake was baked by my aunt. With real roses in the middle.
The initial plan was to bake this cake, and put 13 roses (different colour if possible) - representing the 13 of us in the family being surrounded and well taken care of by HER.. hehe...
But too bad can't fit 13 roses.
This specially baked awesome possom butter cake was accompanied by a HUGE bouquet of 81 roses!!! (which of coz represents her age)
Some camwhoring time again.
Every one took their cameras (whether it's DSLR, Digital or Handphone cams) and start shuttling at the cake and flowers...
even stood up the chairs to get a better angle.. lol...
Then while waiting for the Empress to freshen up herself, and got tired taking picture of the cake and roses, we started snapping pictures of each other.
Finally arrived. With all the different types of shuttlers shooting at her.
Like a superstar!!!
She's our Superstar man!!!
Time to make a wish and blow the candles :)
Me and my Grandma...
Love HER!!! teehee... :)
As usual, there are family pics taken.

Oldest son's family.
2nd son's family.
Youngest sibling, youngest sister, only daughter's family picture.
All of US!!!
The Lee-Goh Family...
A very full night. With lots of laughter and old memories reminded as well as new memories created.

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