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Sep 24, 2009

IKEA, Sandwiches and Italianese

*Warning - another food post*

The day after coming back from our Singapore trip, went to IKEA.
But, before that, we went to O'briens for a healthy breakfast.
Had Tuna sandwich.
I love IKEA!!! though it get boring as some parts.
But I just love walking in IKEA.
So much inspiration. So many ideas.
It made me want to re-do my bedroom. (though I had that idea a looooooong time ago, but it's only when I'm in IKEA, I have the sudden urge to make it happen.)
Well, we shall see if it works.

after IKEA, it was time for The Baker Moments.
Another healthy sandwich for lunch.
The Swimming Salmon :) (sooo yummy!!!)
I like this little saying printed on the cups.
Went to Mid Valley in the evening to get my heels.
And then, it was Italianese for dinner.

Bruschetta for starters. :)
Salmon Fettuccine.
and me favourite - Shrimp Linguine!!! :)
on a 'heavier' note - Italianese Mid Valley seriously needs to train their waiters and waitresses harder. Much harder!!!
The service there is getting from bad to worst!

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