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Sep 4, 2009

Korean Fever At That Moment~~~

Had a taste of Korean on Tuesday with Ms. Money, Ms. Taiwan, and Ms. Taiwan's Friend.
Too bad Ms. Malacca couldn't join us. And also Ms. Sabah.

Boy was it a long long long drive to that restaurant.
Oh no, it's not far.
Just wrong timing. (After work JAM!!!)
The restaurant is in Ampang's Korean Town of coz.

Finally we've arrived, after 2 hours of jamming. (I think)
The restaurant is no fancy Korean restaurant.
Just a lower priced shop with Korean home cozy feeling that serves lower priced but yet good quality food.

Ms. Money and I.
Ms. Taiwan and her friend.
And as usual, at Korean Restaurants, they'll always serve small salads.
It's FOC and refillable. :)
My favourite - KIM CHI!!!
This is some Korean Rice Cake (Sweet & Mild Spicy)
Korean style Pork (Mild Spicy)
Chicken Guts (non-spicy)
Kim Chi Beef Soup (Spicy and totally AWESOME!)
Also my favourite!
The steam of the soup blurred my picture. Ha!
At least you know they serve it steaming HOT!!!
Seafood Vege Egg (Not Spicy)
Not recommended to people who can't stand vegetables or spring onions
(Eg: Mr. Z the Zapper Rapper)
Noticed I've different colour of red on the level of spiciness of the food. :)

All our dishes! Definitely enough for 4 to 6 people.
If small eaters maybe up till 7 or 8?
(Everything's so red!!!)
After dinner, Ms. Taiwan had a mission to accomplish.
Which is to bring me to the shop where she buys these super uber tomato-e sweets.
Totally awesome for tomato lovers like myself.
The sweets soooo tomato-e that it's like drinking tomato juice or just drinking from the ketchup bottle alone!!! (no kidding)
Though my dad and Mr.Navigator thought it was chili sweet =.='
(Don't ask me why)

After dinner, we had no idea where else to go,
so we headed back to Ms.Money's apartment.
Ms.Taiwan and I hid ourselves in her room watching this game show called -
Love Letter.
Totally fake yet real.
Totally pointless but entertaining. (guess that's the point of it. Ha)

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