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Sep 21, 2009

Singapore Day 2

1st day in Singapore we started eating.
Now's the 2nd day. Went to Town for some shopping.
Tried on a few things but put them into my KIV list.
Walked almost the whole day and it was time to go home.
But before heading home, We went to buy the Empress's dinner and while buying,
I just had to stop at the Apple Strudel Shop to get myself some strudels!!!

Sis bought the Strawberry Mini strudel..
I got myself the Durian Mini. Not bad :)
tonight's dinner wasn't a Lee-Goh dinner.
But a Wong dinner. (my aunt from my mom's side)
Didn't really like going over to their house coz of my really uber annoying cousin which my sis and I hate alot!!! like seriously!!!

Here's our dinner. Awesome food by the way.
Bought and cooked from scratch by my aunt's maid.
This was our starter - Mee Soto. Soup was superb.
BBQ & Roasted pork. (This was bought)
Beef Rendang. Cooked from scratch.
The beef was sooo tender and the rendang tasted just nice!!!
The pulut rice and some cake. (can't remember the name)
Dinner ended with some wine - Yellowtail red wine.
And the awesome famous Apple Strudel!!!

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