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Sep 23, 2009

Singapore half-day 4

Ok, so it was my last day in Singapore.
As our Lee-Goh tradition, trips always ends with a good feast.
And so we headed to this Peranakan Restaurant - Ivins.
That was my second time eating at this nyonya restaurant.
But this time, after watching the Singapore series - The Little Nyonya,
while enjoying this meal, it reminded me of the little scenes of the actresses cooking all the nyonya delights; the way they pound the spices, the little steps on the recipes that we'll think it's unimportant but it actually affects the whole cooking.

so anyway, here's to the FOOD!!!!!!
awesome Sambal Kang Kung again :)
Babi Ponteh
Sambal Udang
Sambal Brinjal
Itik Tim - Totally awesome!!!
It's salted vegetable soup cooked with duck stock.
Soooooo delicious!!!
Asam Fish. Also totally AWESOME!!!
Smelly beans with sambal.
Nyonya desserts...

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