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Sep 22, 2009

Singapore Day 3

Massive eating trip to Singapore this time. Actually it always have been a massive eating trip when I'm in Singapore.
So let me continue bringing you pixies through my eating trip. (gosh, i hope i can still fit into that dress. shouldn't have alter it.)

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, after church, we all gathered at the Lee-Goh Family headquarter. (Which is my Dad's sis's house.)
Dad cooked a scrumptious meal with awesome red meat, sausages, Turkish bread, cheese and garlic baked mushrooms.
Oh, and also my Dad's awesome mushroom soup. It's so mushroomy, it's soooo awesome!!!

So after lunch, it was dessert time - Apple Strudel.
While the kids sat at the table joined by the adults and their wine,
again, old hilarious stories of us (especially my youngest cousin - Jonathan) were told, laughter was spread all around the table, the house and also the neighbourhood. hahaha.

Here's my uncle (the owner of the house) and my dad, enjoying their apple strudel with Vanilla ice-cream.
Cute couple huh...
This is my youngest cousin - Jonathan, laughing his ass off from all the hilarious chronicles of his life so far that was told by all of us.
Then after that, the Lee brothers and I accompanied my grandma playing a game of Mahjong.
Won like 20+ sing.
Then we all rushed to town for a quick shopping in my cousin's car as he was also rushing to someone's wedding.
Seriously, this was my fastest, quickest shopping in my lifetime.
Within a short period of 2 hours, I've bought 6 items that were all on my list of things to get in Singapore. (well, except my jeans shorts and jeans skirt.)
My 3 night's dinner there was already pre-planned.
1st night - Empress Birthday Dinner.
2nd night - Dinner at my mom's side.
and for the 3rd and last night there,
dinner with my sis's friends. (a treat to us for their trip in Malaysia last month or so.)
Went to a hawker-like-place in Ang Mo Kio.
And after dinner, we went to drink to our 'DOME'

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