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Sep 28, 2009

My cousin and some friends came down for a weekend trip last week.
Met them on Saturday and yesterday,
dinner-ed at Chillies, 1 Utama.
Then went back to their hotel and played Boren's new precious.
It's a western style mahjong, so awesome and cool...
You'll see...

This is my drug-addict-look-a-like cousin bro.
this is Boren.
Look at the mahjong set... Isn't it uber different from the Chinese 1?
It was quite hard for us to play with flowers as we don't know the numbering of the flowers.
the pic below is the western style mahjong flowers.
western 'dong,nan,si,bei' - 'north, south, east, west'
'hong zhong, fai chai, pai ban' (no idea how to call them in english.)
In the chinese style, these stars are supposedly circles and we call them - 'dong zi'
In the western style, it's STARS!!! :)
This is 'Man zi' in the chinese style which practically means Millions.
(oh and the numbers are written in chinese)
This is what we call 'shu zi' which means sticks.
We weren't use to the different pictures and all.
Like the stars and sticks, we had to slowly count 1 by 1, just so we won't match the wrong cards or throw the wrongs cards...
It was hilarious and uber fun...

Ain't this set of Mahjong so cool?!?!?!?!

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