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May 31, 2011

Max Bar Restaurant, Melbourne

Another food post.  Earlier, I posted that I ventured into Hardware Lane for some awesome Caramel Creme Brulee. This time, I tried another restaurant along this restaurant-clustered lane known as Max Cafe, Bar & Restaurant. 



very contemporary looking restaurant 

Again, I shared an entree and main with my sister.

We had Turkish bread with Trio of Homemade Dips (Spicy Capsicum (I think), Hummus and a Zucchini dip). A very mouthwatering appetizer to get your tummy warmed up for the main course.

As our main, we had Grilled Swordfish on chips and side salad. Nicely marinated, perfectly grilled. All well packed with flavour!

Till my next adventure.....

Koko Black, Lygon

While everyone here in land down under craze over Max Brenners and San Churros. There's another famous place for some hot chocolate to warm yourselves this winter (especially when it's predicted to be a uber cold winter this year) that is Koko Black, offering authentic European Chocolate works. After a scrumptious meal at Copperwood, Lygon, my sis and I crossed the streets and stopped for some yummy hot chocolate.

I had Hazelnut Belgium Hot Chocolate. Frankly, I expected it to maybe too sweet for my liking, but it wasn't! It was actually just nice and the hazelnut flavour made it even better!!

My sis had the normal Belgium Hot Chocolate. Another one to love.

Mmmmm... Nothing's better than a cup of good quality hot chocolate to warm me Photobucket

May 29, 2011

Copperwood Restaurant, Melbourne

So my sister's in town for awhile, which means.... FOOD VENTURE!!! Yay! 

First stop: Lygon Street for some yum yum..
Whenever I were to dine in Lygon, it'll always be either 1 of those asian restaurant at the start of Lygon (from the city) or Universals. But this time, I decided to walk from the other side of Lygon and stumbled upon this cozy looking restaurant - Copperwood Restaurant (click and check out their cool website).  Went to have a look at the menu and thought we'd give it a try. Copperwood offers quite a wide selection of classic italian cuisines. Tapas $9.20 - $12.90, Entrees $6 - $18.50, Salads $7.50 to $19.50, Mains (pizza, risotto, pasta and others $8.50 - $33. 

We tried the Chicken Caesar Salad - $19.50
Chicken grilled to perfection and lettuce so fresh. 

As the main, we shared Copperwood's awesome Garlic Prawns - $33
Consists of sauteed succulent prawns with garlic, white wine & cream sauce accompanied with steamed capsicums, zucchini and egg plants. Ooo mama meya! Its was absolutely delicious!!!

Definitely returning for more...

May 27, 2011

Vialetto Ristorante, Melbourne

A week ago, I was wondering through the streets of Melbourne with maekhoo, in search of a place to eat. We stumbled upon this small street in the heart of Melbourne - Hardware Lane. This european architectural heritage is located further up Bourke and Elizebeth Street (Turn right, right after Maccas). There are quite a few european restaurants all clustered together and we chose this little Italian restaurant called Vialetto Ristorante.  We enjoyed our meal (well, at least I did), that I brought my sister there when she came to visit.

The sucken interior of the restaurant, furnished with little lamps hanging from the ceiling, has its own attraction. Somehow it gave me this really cozy feeling which I'm unable to describe. 


Now,the food. Vialetto's menu is filled with exotic flavours which include seafood, meat, goats cheese and even kangaroo! Appetizers ranging from $8.50 - $29.90. Mains from $18.50 - $28.90 and desserts for $12.90 each. They also have quite a range of vintage wines from what I saw.

I tried the Roasted Pork Belly $26.90
Slow roasted, served on mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables with red wine jus.

It was soooo good. Roasted to perfection, so succulent. The skin, I have to say, was the best part for me. So crunchy when you bite in to it, and it sort of melted in my mouth... mmmmm. The red wine jus however, if it was just slightly thinner, it would have been perfect!

Maekhoo tried the Veal Scallopini $28.50
Pan seared veal medallions with mushrooms, onions and garlic in a white wine cream sauce with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

 This wasn't that bad either. I thought the veal was a little dry but thank god for the sauce. haha. Still quite yummy. Worth a try.

Now the highlight of the meal. This was the reason I brought my sister back there. 

Caramel Creme Brulee - $12.90
Home made and served with vanilla ice cream.

I LOVE creme brulee and creme caramels. This was like a combination of both! The caramel flavour to it really blowed my mind. Definitely worth trying! Though I was pretty disappointed when I went back for it the second time (with my sister), it wasn't properly done. :( But, I still say, MUST TRY!!!