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Nov 15, 2009

RIP dear one

Yesterday when I was enjoying an afternoon coffee time (well, I had hot chocolate instead of coffee. Not a coffee lover.) with my parents in Delicious, Mid Valley;
I received a call from my cousin from Singapore.

I thought it was news regarding my Iphone 3gs but NOOOOOO...
It was something bad. Worst than bad.
A really really bad and sad news.

The Lee-Goh family's longest family dog, Brownie, has gone to heaven to rest in peace.

She's our family's longest dog. She lived for about 110 doggie years!!!!
Long long happy life I would say.

Everyone loved her so much and she's practically the Queen in the family.

I remember when I was like 4 or 5 years old, I remember sharing a lollipop with her.
Yes, I really shared a lollipop with her. I exchanged saliva with a dog. haha!!
hey, I was a kid. What do I know?!

Here's a picture of her, taken last year.
She's 1 F-A-T dog I tell you.
and very lazy too!!! But very lovable.

She's pretty bad tempered sometimes.
Sometimes she doesn't like people touching her body, especially her paws!!
Her paws are a nono!!
The safest place to touch her would be her pretty little to-small-for-her-body head.

See... lazy bitch of the family.
Oh, and it's pretty hard to capture picture of her looking into the camera.
she's very camera shy. Aren't like Niniek's dog who's sooooo camwhorish.
Hers will practically stay still and pose for you till you're done taking pictures of them. ha.
See, very hard to take her staring at the camera.
Anyway, early this year, she had cancer.
and a HUGE tumor grew on her lower jaw.
She started smelling.
She drools and can't control it too. So sometimes you'd see her drool dangling at the side of her mouth.

See how huge that tumor is.
Poor girl, suffering with a swollen jaw and it gives her problem when she's eating too.
Rest In Peace dear one.
You've lived a loooong life.
We will miss you...

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