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Dec 11, 2009

Favola, Le Meridien KL

Went for Italian at Le Meridien's new Italian restaurant a few days ago.
The restaurant looks sooo classy and elegant,
so quite and cozy.

The lighting's not like those uber romantic restaurant where it's really dim and yellow,
here in Favola, it's a bit brighter but yet still very romantic.
They even had this roman column corridor going on at the entrance of the restaurant which I forgot to take picture of.

And also this huge drawings of people at a masquerade ball painted on 1 part of the wall.
And on another part of the wall, they have all these really nice but yet scary-during-the-night masks hung on it.
Something different from other restaurants, their menus are rolled up into a scroll.
I don't know if they're already doing this kinda menus in other restaurants but it's my 1st time seeing menus rolled up in a scroll, so it's something different and interesting to me. hehe
And like any other Italian restaurants, there will be a serving of breads.
Here in Favola, they serve these awesome crispy on the outside, spongy on the inside bread with 3 types of dippings.
1st dipping : Olive mix.
2nd dipping: Olive oil with vinegar.
3rd dipping : Anchovy dip. (the best dip among all!!!)

and for starters, we had the famous brouchettas.
They came in 3 different types.
One's the normal diced fresh tomatoes.
one's with salmon.
and another with portabella mushroom and cheese.

Though it's something simple, it taste really good.
the foccacia bread is toasted lightly, mixes so well with these 3 different types of topping.
simply delicious!!!
this dish cost Rm20.
This next starter is called Chef's Antipasti.
For RM35,
you get a few brouchettas, some really nice fried crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes with cheese and garlic, scallop and prawns.
Lastly, the all awesome black trotter's ham!!!
This ham's really expensive and it's really delicious even on it's own!
It's a lil salty and olive-oily.
Just amazing!!!
(oh btw, this amazing ham's the 1 on the left bottom corner.)
Next up - SOUPS.
RM20 per soup.
The soups here are a lil disappointing.
All 3 of it.

Minestrone soup.
This is a really simple tomato base soup.
but it was sooooo salty!!!
and RM 20 for a bowl of uber salty tomato soup?
no thank you.
This Zuppa di Pesce alla Marinara aka Seafood Soup.
This was actually the best among all 3 of the soups we ordered.
Just that it's kinda clammy...
Zuppa Pavese - Beef broth.
This is something special.
This was served in a bowl with garlic bread and an raw egg yolk in it, and the waitress poured the broth into the bowl using a tea-pot.
so chinese-sy feel... lol...
Now to the main dishes...
1st up!
Scallop & Lobster Tortellini
This dish is sooooo not worth it!!!
It doesn't taste good at all!!!
I taste no lobster!!!
could hardly see the scallops =.='
Now this next dish is a must try if you're going there.

Conchiglioni Marinara al Cartoccio aka baked parcel with seafood, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and tangy tomato sauce.
the seafood here includes fresh prawns, huge round scallops and squid.
RM40, a more reasonable dish to order.

the beef lasagna is another must-try dish.
for RM40, you get nicely braised Wagyu beef cheek layered with fresh pasta, cheese crust and truffle oil.
Totally awesome!!! mmmm~~~
As for the pizza section,
I recommend this Venetian pizza.
For RM45 you'll get lobster, scallop, prawns, calamari and clams on a thin cheese crust..
sooo yummy, sooo crispy!!!
as for dessert!!!
you can't miss dessert...

A nicely layered Tiramisu with chocolate sticks...
sooo creamy and the coffee taste is quite strong.
They use 'illy' coffee, so it's good!!!!
oh and we got a free bottle of Riesling wine to accompany our dinner.

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