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Aug 4, 2009

Talk about bad luck =.='

Woke up pretty early today. Class was at 930am, was ready by 9am.

Today, I've experienced one of those days when you have total bad luck.
Like nothing works out, or something bad happens to you.
Well, yeah, today was that.

When I was about to get out of the house, the top of my gate key broke the night before and i forgot to fix it. So, with everyone else out of the house before me, I couldn't let myself out of the house. Tried to fix it and all but still couldn't. Tried to look for a spare key, realised that my sis was using the spare key. =.='

Around 925am only I thought of using my back door. Locked the door, the gate and pad-locked it. Climbed over the wall and down I go (staying on the 1st floor) to my car. Drove off to college, was over half an hour late. (Even when my key was working.)

Was suppose to go out with Mr. Drum Hero and Mr. Navigator, but had something important at home that i had to attend to before meeting them. Went home, when I was unlocking the back gate and pad-lock, then did i notice that I didn't have the key to open the door!!!!! !@#$%^

Tried to use the key to open the main gate, then did I noticed I didn't have the keys to open the rest of the locks!!!! !@#$% (again!) Mr.Navigator called, had to cancel. So sorry. And called my Dad to come rescue me, and he was in KL!!!

While waiting for my Dad, tried to look for things that can help me open the kitchen window so that I can unlock the door from the inside. Failed of course. But, I did managed to unlock the main gate with the back gate key. Was trilled, tried to unlock the pad lock, didn't work =.=' So i tried using cards to unlock the main door so that I can reach for my actual keys. Failed of course, with my card dented and scratched.

So then I sat at the main gate waiting for my Dad while off and on trying to unlock the main door.
1 hour later, Dad arrived back and passed me the keys and released me from this insanity sitting at the main entrance, sweating like a roasted pork!!!

And this isn't the 1st time being locked out of the house, but it was my 1st time being locked inside my house...
Talk about bad luck =.=' !@#$%^&*

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