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Aug 2, 2009

Birthday Dinner...

A suppose to be only family dinner to celebrate 2 Leos' birthdays.
Went to this seafood restaurant in Selayang - Bei Hai Restaurant.

This restaurant doesn't provide the seafood though. They only serve meat and vegetables.
If you want to eat seafood, you have to order from this seafood warehouse like shop lot and the restaurant will cook them for you. Super fresh seafood and super expensive too!!!

The Seafood Warehouse.

Every time i go to this place, this would be our 1st dish. Disgusting to me, delicious to others.

Super Fresh, Super Huge, Super Disgusting!!!!Second dish, MY FAVOURITE!!!

Super Fresh Steamed PRAWNS!!!! 3rd, another disgusting dish to me. Delicious dish to the other Leo.

Super Fresh Cockerels.4th, Grouper.

It's huge but it wasn't as nice as i expected it to be. But the rest of the party said it was great.
5th, Japanese Snails.


And for the payer's finale...

This is just for the seafood...Not so bad turning into the big 2 0 huh.... hahaha...

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