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Oct 7, 2010

Life of the Seven Dwarfs Part 3

You've read part 1 & part 2, now down to Part 3. Phew...

Candle Making, another should see demonstration. Shows you the hardwork in making candles. And believe me, it's NOT easy. Not easy at all.
First you got to ring the ropes to that stand (1st picture) and it MUST be hooked in the correct way - 1 in, 1 out; or else failed candles will be produced. Next you'll hook the stand to a machine called Donkey's Ear I think (something Donkey la, lol) and dip it into the well of wax. Now here's the stressful part. You can only dip each stand of ropes into the well once every cycle. If you deep too many times, the wax won't be able to harden in time and end up being too heavy and the candle will just fail. 1 single candle has to be dipped into the wax 26 times, which means 26 cycles for each stand. How time consuming! To judge how many rounds a stand has been dipped is judged by the weight of the candle stand.

Another really interesting thing to see in the Gold Mine is this $80,000 Gold Pour. Where you'll witness an $80,000 gold ingot being poured into gold bar at the Gold Smelting Works.

Basically what happens in this 'kitchen' is that, the gold ingot gets burnt in a steel/iron pot (can't remember, hehe) up to at least 1000 degrees and then poured into this mould. Then from the mould it'll be knocked out into the shape of a gold bar (3rd picture). And obviously the bar is still uber hot as you can see it's still fire-red, it'll then be cooled in really cold water and walah~~~ A $80,000 gold bar is made (last picture). I think it's somewhat the same as making swords back in the olden days.

FYI, that gold bar he just made is REAL gold.
Then you can try lifting this $527,428.00 worth of gold bar (Replica only).

Then at 1.30pm everyday, you HAVE to witness the Redcoat Soldier March which only happens ONCE a day. They have lil kids dressed up and marching as well.

If you're in a mood for some portrait taking, go to their Photographic Room to take some family or couple or even single portrait as souvenirs. You get to dress in period costumes!

The dolls in the picture below are props that you can use while taking your portraits. To me, they are just like Chuckie the doll! Uber scary~~~

Another fun thing to do is to visit their Bowling Saloon. Play a round or two of olden day bowling! Everything is wooden. Wooden ball, wooden pins and wooden alley. a really REALLY loooong alley to roll your ball. By the time your ball reaches the pins, it has lost all it's momentum from the beginning =.='

What's left to do is to visit all their random little shops on Main Street. To guys means waiting and to girls, SHOPPING!!!!

The above is my favourite shop! You know why? 1 word, CANDY!!! which means Raspberry Drops! Really yummy and addictive candy. A MUST TRY!
Clarke Brothers is a grocery shop. Not so much like our grocery shops but it sells candies, drinks, kitchen utensils, soap, jams, coffee and tea, etc. More like our Kedai Runcit. Lol..

I find this mini coffee bean grinder really cute. And I'm sure my Dad would love this but too bad, it'll a little too pricey for me to afford :(

Next shop is more for us females because it has all sorts of nonsense that will attract us. Lol.

Knitted Doilies, Perfume bags, 3rd picture is something I find fascinating - hand knitted cups and saucers. There's also scissors in different shapes and sizes. Lastly is my favourite, Masquerade Masks! Somehow I have a thing for these masks. hehe

Then you can even customize a costume for yourself. That wiring skirt in the 2nd picture is 1 of the tools they use to make your costume.

Phew, finally done with Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.
Next will be on Grampians!!! Lots of pictures to share, so stay tune to this space! :)

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