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Oct 13, 2010

Grampians: Chatauqua Peak

Continuation to my adventure in Grampians. It was our 2nd day in Grampians and after a whole day of hiking and climbing up to the Pinnacles and Mckenzie Falls the day before, we were still up for another peak. This time it's up to Chatauqua Peak. But 1st...

BRUNCH!!! My 1st time trying Souvlaki (Beef). SO YUMMY! 

We had to take a short walk to the start of the Chatauqua Peak track.

Took a pit stop at Clematis Falls, then it's all the way up the peak.

Chatauqua Peak is a little tougher than climbing up the Pinnacles. The pathway's trickier and steeper. Plus with the on-off showers and howling strong wind, it was a totally different experience from Pinnacles. But nonetheless, the view from on top were about the same. The sceneries were just A-MA-ZING! 

Wild flowers blooming everywhere.

And there's the camwhoring sessions of course.

At the peak of Chatauqua. Because of the uber strong wind, I had to zip and button up my windbreaker to avoid being blown up the cliff. Yeah, my windbreaker isn't breaking the wind for me that well. LOL!
And again, the satisfaction =

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