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Oct 17, 2010

When the sun came out, we played

Mother Nature's finally showing off her Spring side after a month of 'fake' spring! You see, Spring is suppose to start round September but here in Melbourne, spring in September was no diff from winter. So when the sun finally shined, I couldn't resist not coming out to play. Finally brought Maekhoo to the Shrine of Remembrance and the Royal Botanical Garden. Fail right?! Been here for almost a year and have not been to the Royal Botanical Garden. My 1st time there was on my Birthday and that was like after being here for half a year! Hahaha...

The entrance into the Shrine.

Flowers are finally blooming!!! I'm not a big fan of flowers but the COLOURS! How could I resist?!

1 thing I love about Melbourne, I can literally sit on the grass without a picnic mat and not worry about the grass being dirty! Unlike back in Malaysia where we MUST use a mat. =.=' Plus, the grass is much greener here in Melbourne. Well, you know what they say 'The grass is always greener on the other side' - Totally proven.LOL!

With the sun shinning so bright that day, and the grass being greener and cleaner than back home, how could 1 resist not camwhoring?

Maekhoo and I (check it out, same sunnies!)

Also roamed around and snapped some random pictures. 
The above picture is 1 of my best shots that day.
What do you think?

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