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Oct 18, 2010


To all Melbournians, if you ever get sick and tired of Don Don, have Menya for a change. And for those who don't know, Don Don is a Japanese Fast Food outlet (a seriously fast food outlet) on Swanston street, right opposite QV. Your order will take 5 mins max to be served! And it's CHEAP! Just $6.90, you'll get a really full meal of Beef Teriyaki Don.

Menya on the other hand just cost a few dollars more and it's almost twice the size of Don Don. Even VacuumLeon couldn't finish his portion. LOL!

I like the fact that their menu isn't too wide till you're spoilt for choice, nor was it too narrow till you didn't have any choice.

I know it's normal to serve water with lemon in them or strawberry in them. But in Menya, the presentation of it just makes me go jakun over it. Lemon, Strawberry and Fresh Parsley made the water taste sorta refreshing with a tinge of lemony berry flavor. They also have water with Lemon, Fresh Parley and Cherry Tomato.

As for the food, all that I've tried were not bad to good except 1! Will rate each one on a scale of 10 being the yummiest and 1 being the suckiest.

Gyu Don ($9.50 i think) which is basically Thinly slice beef cooked in Sukiyaki sauce served on rice.
This would be a 7.

Teriyaki Beef Don ($9.50) - Beef cooked with vegetable in Teriyaki sauce served on rice. An Eight.
Niku Udon ($9.20) - Sliced beef served with menma & wakame over udon soup. This was an 8.5 to 9 for me. 

Gyoza ($5.90) - Pan Fried Japanese Dumplings. I rate this 5. It was just so-so for me. Though the skin was crunchy nice but it still lacked taste.

Pork Ramen ($9.20) - Taste Japanese marinated roasted pork slices served with Ramen noodle soup. This was a 9 for me. The soup was just delicious!!! 

Katsu Don ($8.50) - Deep fried crumbed pork fillet cooked with egg on special sauce served on rice. A 6.5.

Geki Kara Soba ($9.90) - Marinated meat in Hot Spicy sauce served with soba noodles. 
This is a 3 for me. It's a big N-O! The sauce wasn't spicy at all, it was too sweet, and it wasn't delicious. The only plus for this dish is the noodles. It was nice and springy. Somehow reminded me of Wantan Noodles. LOL!

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