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Oct 20, 2010

Tulip Festival 2010: Irish Weekend

While KoolSandra was here during her semester break, we took the opportunity to experience the Tulip Festival they held in Lilydale.  Had to take a total of 1 and a half hours train ride followed by another 30mins bus ride to the actual location. Back in Malaysia - complain about having to drive all the time; here in Melbourne - complain about having to travel by public transport all the time =.=' sigh... the bittersweet of life.

Anyway, they have different theme every week at the Festival and this week was Irish Weekend. It's gold and leprechauns!

Welcome the Dutch Ladies: Maekhoo, Me and KoolSandra
Sandra and I

Playing tourists with the Leprechauns, dutch lady and Dutchmen. 

They had people playing some Irish tunes. At least I think they're Irish. Lol..

Now it's not a festival without some little random stalls right? These are some of the stalls opened that day.
FYI: the Nuts were pretty good! hehe

A quarter of the crowd that day. Believe me, when you see an empty table, RUN FOR IT!

For brunch, I tried this traditional Turkish Pastry with cheese and spinach called Gozleme.
It was pretty good! Just that I thought it'll be tastier if the pastry was a little more crunchy.

As tourist, when we visit a place, any place, picture MUST be taken! PictureS to be exact. And that's what we did after eating - Roam, soaking up the festive feeling and camwhore!!

KoolSandra, Maekhoo and I

Pretty tulips in different colours! Oh the colours! Don't they just make you smile?
The last picture is actually a picture of Daffodales.

PhotoLeon and I

This picture is one of my favourite picture taken that day.

Can you feel the love?

Not so sexy back... Haha! oh well, worthed a try

Of course, it wouldn't be Irish without blowpipes! They walked around the tulip farm playing their pipes.

Will definitely try to go again next year! Another must-go for next year - Royal Melbourne Show! Missed the 1 this year 

Some photos credit to TetLeonPhotography.
Emoticons thanks to The Opposite of Chocolate (though I still don't really know how to work them well.)

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