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Oct 15, 2010

Tim's Place

Finally a post of my accommodation in Grampians. I stayed in an eco-friendly backpackers hostel very near to the town center. Toilets are shared among everyone who's staying there (no worries, it's REALLY clean) and there's a well equipped kitchen for you to cook in. 

There's dormitories, twin sharing and a self-contain apartment as well where you'll have your own toilet and kitchen (I think). One thing I've notice throughout my trip to Ballarat and Grampians is that when they say Twin sharing bedrooms, it's more like a family bedroom where there's a double/queen sized bed and a double decker. Only costs $35 a night! 

The highlight of Tim's Place is their cocker spaniel - PUDDING!
Really obedient, clean and of course, ADORABLE!!

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