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Oct 16, 2010

Annette's 20th

At the end of my mid semester break, Annette celebrated her belated 20th birthday at Mercadante Woodfired Pizzeria on Lygon Street. The 1st time I ate at Mercadante was when the boys visited Melbourne back in July.

Attendance (Clockwise): RichKid, Maekhoo (birthday girl), yours truly, UY and PenguinKeith.

We didn't know about this the 1st time, but apparently we were allowed to doodle on the white paper that was on the table. So we did, while waiting for our pizzas. PenguinKeith failed FOUR times trying to draw penguins.

Vulcano Pizza - MUST TRY! Totally awesome...
BBQ Pizza - for me, so-so..
Seafood Pizza - This was also a so-so but the clams were a bit fishy to me. If you're there and you want a seafood pizza, try looking for a prawn pizza (I can't remember the name). Never tried it before but it looks good and the prawns are really fresh.

As for dessert, also a MUST TRY is their famous Chocolate pizza! more like Nutella pizza. Totally awesome! It's like eating toasted white bread with Nutella only this time, the bread is PIZZA! Yum!

Oh, and because it was supposedly a table for 7, but Amanda and Brian couldn't make it. Our table had to be relocated. No idea why they can't just take away a table from what they've set and let us sit. We had to wait for quite awhile for them to set another table for the 5 of us. Fortunately, we were relocated to the best seat in the house! Right next to the pizza-making area. And after dessert, we were given a piece of pizza dough each and was asked to create our own masterpieces. 

So, here's everyone working on their masterpieces.

From top(clockwise): Mine - Turtle, UY's - cupcake, RichKid - Dino Fish, Maekhoo - Turtle and PenguinKeith - Penguin.

They were then placed in the woodfired oven to bake.

Tadaaa~~~~ Our masterpieces. All retarded yet cute looking masterpieces.\
From top: Mine, Rich Kid, UY, Penguin Keith and Maekhoo.

Here's something lame.
This was my 1st time eating a turtle! Hehe

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