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Nov 22, 2010

I Smell Something Sweeeeeeet~~~

Look who's back?!

The time of the semester has finally ended!!!!!!! Yes, that means, I'm done with exams and it's time to PAARTAYYY~~~ 

 This butterfly is finally being set free..
I smell something. Something sweeeeeeet and pleasant.

I smell FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

Summer holidays have finally started for me and I've already got most of my holidays all planned out.

Shopping with Maekhoo and Dinesh's Birthday dinner tomorrow,
Shopping with Lauren on Wednesday,
Thanksgiving dinner with Maekhoo on Friday,
Down to Frankston during the weekend,
and and and...

GOLDCOAST for a week babehhhhh!!! 

Can't wait to head to Surfer's Paradise, relax by the beach, maybe snorkeling and learn how to surf ? Highlight of the trip will definitely be AUSTRALIA ZOO!

Australia Zoo belongs to the late Crocodile Hunter (My idol) - Steve Irwin. Cried when I found out he passed . Oh and I think I'll finally get to cuddle a koala in this zoo. Been to countless zoos and wildlife parks around Australia and NONE of them allowed me to cuddle 1. Bleh 

Then about a week after that, I'll be heading to the land of the Merlion and then to Bali with the family, then finally back to KL. And after that, more beach time in Sabah with my sister! 

And about another week after that will be Chinese New Year where I'll finally get to gamble once more and not to mention the crazy Mah Jong playing. It's been SO LONG!! I miss the feeling of those tiles...

Summer holidays will then soon come to an end, in no time, it'll be time for me to fly back to the land down under to start the new semester. Sigh..

But hack! who cares bout that now?! It's time for me to enjoy and go CRAZZZAAYY!!!

Yeah, you got that right!!! 

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