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Nov 27, 2010

Dinesh turns 21!

The day right after exams end, I attended Dinesh's birthday dinner. Boy was it a REALLY satisfying dinner! I'll show you why in a minute...

Before the dinner, Maekhoo and I went for the Bettina Liano's warehouse sale in Brunswick. Had a little trouble finding the place, but I guess it was worthed the trouble. Well for Maekhoo's at least, she came out with 2 jeans for only $50 after discount! (originally about $250 a piece I think) I, on the other hand, came out empty handed. And OMG we it was sooo hot in the changing rooms that we were literally sweating like pigs I tell you!!! It was pretty bad! 

Headed to the City right after and had shared a bowl of Curry Noodles with Yong Taofu in China Town. I must say, it was pretty good, and the portion was pretty big too. Yummy enough to satisfy my sudden cravings.

We had to burn 3-4 hours before it was dinner time. It was madness but we ended our tiring day with a VERY satisfying scrumptious meal. We trained to Camberwell for dinner at Sofia's. Now this place is no place for small eaters or romantic date nights. Why? Because the portions served in this restaurant is HUMONGOUS!!! It's meant for family dinners and big groups.

That night, 15 of us dined here to celebrate Dinesh's 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday Dinesh!! Hope you had fun that night.

Now, the FOOD.

Frito Misto - a seafood platter with prawns, fish, calamari and scallops. ($20.90) Had 2 portions of this.

Had 2 large portions of pastas. (Top) Spirali Pesto - Spiral pasta with pesto sauce and pine nuts ($13.50) This, to me, was just so-so. The pesto taste was just too strong for my liking. (Bottom) Tagliatelle Sofia - Fettuccine pasta with prawns, mushrooms and scallop with a cream based sauce. ($13.90). This was really tasty. I really enjoyed this pasta. A must-try!!! 

Also had a large portion of Garlic Bread ($5.80). Also another must-try. The bread is so yummy! Not your normal kind of garlic bread.

We also had 2 large pizzas that costs $9.90 each. They were as big as the garlic bread and were so-so to me. Dinesh had 3 friends who came really late and ordered a Fritto Misto and a Gnocchi.

Ended the meal with surprise Tiramisu cake by Iris. Even the cakes here are humongous!!!

Birthday boy with his enormous cake.

Also went home with an enormous belly!!

P.S: Photos were taken with my BB, thus the very bad quality photos. Sorry. I really need to get a compact camera!!!

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