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Jul 26, 2010

Arif's 21st at Universal Restaurant - Lygon St.

Last Saturday I went down to the city to celebrate Arif's 21st birthday. Once again, it was dinner in a restaurant along Lygon Street. This time, we tried this Italian restaurant called Universal. It was a weekend, so the restaurant was really packed. I think you'll have to make bookings for any of the restaurants in the city if you want to secure a place for dinner or else.... Join the queue... LOL!!!

Amelia's Gourmet Italian Style Pizza - Chicken Avacado consists of tomatoes, cheese, mushroom, grilled chicken tenders & fresh avacado.
Chris's Universal's Fillet of Rump with Red wine sauce. The rump was sooo juicy and sweet and let me tell you, the red wine sauce, SUPERB!!!!

And the BEST and MOST worthwhile meal of the night... It feeds 2 -3 tummies. And if you love meat, and can't make up your mind of which meat dish to order here in Universal, just order this dish. You can have all kinds of meat you want, all in 1 plate! Pork, beef and chicken; and not to mention some beer battered fries and salad as sides. And did I mention that this dish will most certainly NOT burn a hole in your wallet.

For $49.90 shared between 2 -3 meat lovers, I present you the ultimate BBQ Platter!

This BBQ Platter consists of Grilled beefsteak & chicken tenders, marinated pork ribs & buffalo wings, oven baked veal salt in bocca & Chorizo sausage!

The meats were very well marinated, seasoned and beautifully cooked to a point where the meats are still soft, tender, juicy and sweet. Simply D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

And for dessert, don't miss this fantastic-yummy-dense-moist Chocolate Mud Pudding, served with chocolate fudge, corinthian wafer and macadamia nut ice-cream. OOOOOOO EEEEEMMM GGGEEEE!!! That's all I can say... 9/10 :)

This other dessert is not so bad too...

Vanilla bean & honey flavored panna cotta,
with wild berry soup, caramel toffee shard & Persian fairy floss!

They don't really have a wide range of desserts, but sometimes, I think that's good coz then you won't have trouble ordering desserts after having to go through the trouble to decide on your main dish. hehehe :)

Overall, I think it's really worth eating at Universals because the food they serve is really really delicious and it's not that expensive either. But one thing about this restaurant, it's really busy, so do make reservations if you want to dine in, especially weekends and night time.

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