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Jul 19, 2010

Twilight Saga : Eclipse

So I watched the 3rd part of the Twilight Saga with AmandaChoe the other day. And I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The 1st one was good of course, the second was just boring and slow and Edward's abs were just such a turn off but Jacob was... well he left me speechless :D

To me, this third part was just better! They really stuck to the book, every detail, not adding anything they think would make the movie better. In this 3rd part, the action scenes were really thrilling. And I thought Bryce Dallas Howard played Victoria really well too. The wolves were just MASSIVE!!! The part where the Cullens and the wolves meet for their training, the part where the wolves walks out from the woods, really reminded me of Narnia whenever Azlan appears. Lol...

And the part where Jacob, in his wolve-form, standing next to bella, just makes me jealous! I want a pet wolf! :( And his body, still takes my breath away! And Bella got to cuddle in his arms, feelings those HUGE muscled chests and abs! JEALOUS!!!

The only let down of the movie was that the Cullens didn't look as pretty and handsome as they did in the first movie. :( Their make-up just didn't look nice at all. And somehow at the starting of the movie, Edward's sideburns looked like stick-ons to me. lol!

Other than that, the movie was great! Loved the actions and lil funny lines in between. :) I'll rate it an 8.5/10.

And I'm currently nerding on this book, also by Stephanie Meyers.

This book is about this lil Vampire from Victoria's army. Her part of the story. Stephanie couldn't mention much about her because the Twilight Saga was mainly based on Bella, Edward and Jacob's point. So this book is all about this little vampire girl named Bree Tanner. The little vampire that the Cullens tried to protect in Eclipse. And so far, I'm enjoying it as much as the Twilight Saga. :)

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