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Jul 6, 2010

Docklands Fireworks and random pictures

On the 2nd of July, brought the boys to Queen Victoria Market for some lil munching and looksy-looksy. Met up with UY for awhile and headed over to DFO South Warth for some retail outlet shopping for the boys.. And finally after trying on the checkered converse for like 5-6 times and passing 'Z'-the-Zapper's bunch of questions, I finally decided to get it. And I'm really happy with my buy :D:D:D

Later on we headed to meet up with Jeng and Hazel and went over to Docklands for some fireworks actions...

The pretty colourful lanterns along the path...
I love pictures like this...

At 7pm, the fireworks started. To me, I'm someone who L-O-V-E-S fairy lights.. all the sparkly lights just puts a wide smile on my face :D And so does fireworks!

This picture is out of focus but I like how the fireworks spreads out, so just gotta show you :D

The fireworks lasted for about 20-30mins, but it felt like just 10 minutes to me.. Before heading for dinner, there were this couple doing their own fireworks of fire twirling.

All the lights in 1 night... Weeee :D

Next post, Dinner! Stay tune..

For now, you can read about the boy's 1st day in Melbourne here : Day 1

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